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Cuban government checks epidemiological situation and other issues related to the population


Actions to control dengue in the country continue; In recent days, there has been an improvement in the confrontation efforts, however, at the end of last week, transmission was reported in 14 provinces and the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud, 41 municipalities, and 50 health areas. From August 14 to 20, week 33 of the year, transmission was opened in the provinces of Mayabeque (in the municipality of Güines), Cienfuegos (in Rodas) and Guantánamo (in Caimanera), it was reported at the meeting this Tuesday of the Group temporary work of the Government for the prevention and control of Covid-19.

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First Case of Monkeypox Diagnosed in Cuba


El Ministerio de Salud Pública informó este sábado que ha sido detectado el primer caso de viruela símica en el país. Se trata de un paciente masculino, de nacionalidad italiana, que arribó a Cuba en calidad de turista el pasado 15 de agosto. Durante su estancia permaneció en una casa de renta y visitó varios lugares en provincias del occidente del país. El 17 de agosto presentó síntomas generales y acudió a los servicios de salud el día 18, ante la persistencia de estos.

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Cuba reports at the close of this Saturday 81 new infections of Covid-19 and one deceased


For COVID-19, a total of 2,375 samples were taken for surveillance, with 81 being positive. The country has accumulated 14,079,511 samples taken and 1,109,992 positives. One deceased patient was reported on the day. We deeply regret what happened and convey our condolences to her family and friends. At the close of yesterday, August 20, a total of 554 patients have been admitted, 204 suspected and 350 confirmed active.

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They find a simple way to degrade ‘eternal chemicals’

agua contaminacion

An international team of scientists has discovered a simple, low-energy way to break down so-called “everlasting chemicals,” perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) of anthropogenic origin, which are widely dispersed in water sources around the world. and have been linked to multiple human health problems, including everything from learning disabilities to cancer, infertility, increased cholesterol and immune system problems. PFAS molecules possess carbon-fluorine bonds so strong that they were considered virtually impossible to break.

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Cuba reports 73 new cases of COVID-19, no deaths and 82 medical discharges


At the close of this Saturday, August 13, Cuba reported 73 new cases of COVID-19, no deaths and 82 medical discharges, the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) reported in its daily report this Saturday. At the close of yesterday, a total of 634 patients are admitted, 248 suspects and 386 confirmed active. For COVID-19, a total of 2,316 samples were taken for surveillance, of which 73 were positive. The country has accumulated 14,064,773 samples taken and 1,109,433 positive.50 were contacts of confirmed cases.

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The “opponents”

medicos matanzas

With millions of tax dollars, the U.S. government insists on fabricating lies to discredit Cuba and enlisting common criminals as “opponents” to attack authorities, while the vast majority of Cubans are mobilized to battle a new peak in the COVID epidemic. I could also call this short chronicle “mid-week news,” and that is why I will begin by highlighting some headlines in the Cuban press, those which go unnoticed by many agencies and media, including some that have accredited correspondents on the island.

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“I am here because the vaccine is Cuban”

cuba vacunacion

The first 10,000 Venezuelans, of the four million projected, are receiving their three doses of Cuba’s Abdala vaccine in Ciudad Tiuna, in the Caracas municipality of Libertador. It could be the human aspect of the work, the confidence returned, the lives saved here. Or perhaps the thousand and one expressions of brotherhood that have marked the hopes of Venezuela, over more than two decades.

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Anti-Cuban maneuver in the Organization of American States defeated

Cuba OEA

Party Political Bureau member and Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla posted a tweet yesterday, July 28, noting the defeat of a U.S. sponsored anti-Cuban maneuver in the OAS, rejected by the majority of member countries. A call for a meeting made by the United States to the Organization of American States (OAS) to “analyze the situation in Cuba,” no doubt to justify interference, failed miserably due to the refusal of the majority of its member countries.

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Cuba thanks Russia for humanitarian aid

rusia donacion

July 25, two An-124 aircraft landed at Havana’s José Martí International Airport, carrying 88 tons of food and a million medical facemasks, as part of a donation from the Russian Federation. Party Political Bureau member and Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla posted a tweet thanking Russia for a humanitarian donation that arrived in Cuba aboard two aircraft July 25.

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Regular peace reigns in Cuba


The regular citizen peace is currently reigning in Cuba, as efforts are focused on fighting Covid-19 and actions are multiplied including immunizing the entire population. Institutions, hospitals, markets, shops and private businesses opened their doors as usual today. There is peace in Cuba despite campaign of hatred and lies typical of media terrorism hype, said Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Wednesday. Díaz-Canel claimed the Cuban people act with courage and with no fear to confront the July 11th destabilization plans.