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The Fiftieth Anniversary Parade

Today I had the privilege of watching the impressive parade with which our people commemorated the Fiftieth Anniversary of the proclamation of the Socialist character of the Revolution and the Playa Girón Victory.

The Sixth Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba was also opened today.

I really enjoyed the detailed account of the parade as well as the music, gestures, faces, intelligence, gallantry and fighting spirit of our people. I also enjoyed seeing the happy face of Mabelita, sitting on her wheelchair, and the children and teenagers of “La Colmenita”, who have multiplied several times.

It is worth having lived to watch this spectacle today and is also worth remembering forever those who died to make it happen.

This afternoon, during the opening of the Sixth Congress, I was able to notice in the words expressed by Raul and the faces of the delegates to that event, the most important of our Party, the same feeling of pride.

I could have been at the Revolution Square perhaps for one hour under the sun and the heat, but not three hours. I could have felt attracted by the human warmth that was created there, and that would have been a dilemma for me.

Believe me; it hurt me when I saw that some of you were looking up, trying to find me at the tribune. I thought you will all understand that I can no longer do what I did so many times.

I promised you I would be a soldier of the ideas, and I can still fulfill that duty.

Fidel Castro Ruz
April 16, 2011
7:14 p.m.


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  1. Omar Rangel

    Don´t in darkness let me die With traitors to come undone; I am good and as the good die, I will die face to the sun! #José Martí#

  2. William Curtis Edstrom

    Dear Cubadebate,

    I love hearing from Fidel and Cubadebate is a venue via which I hear from him.

    Thank you for everything.

    Best regards,

    William Curtis Edstrom

  3. Mark Gutwin

    I’m sure seeing you enjoy your retirment in good health is reward enough

  4. reg walters

    As young person I had the great opportunity to attend school in Cuba for a year. It was one of the great periods of my life and I Return each year with a load of Baseball gear for Cuba. Have a great retirement Fidel,


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