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Cubadebate opens its new Web page in English

p>With versions of Fidel Castro’s Reflections, El Paso Diary of José Pertierra, exclusive materials from Cuba’s Reasons series and news articles about various national and international themes, Cubadebate opens today its Web page in English that you can find at:

Of course, it will be always updated with information about the Cuban Five that are in jail in the United States, and the world wide solidarity for the freedom of these fighters against terrorism, that already have more than 12 years in prison after a judgment marred of irregularities and injustices in Miami.

This is the first of a series of blogs in many languages, at least 8, which we will publish in the next days, as beginning of the redesign of our Web site, public on the Internet since august 5th, 2003.

Although it is not a mimetic mirror of the Web site in Spanish, the English version of Cubadebate reproduces some of our most popular sections and the services for the Web 2.0, with its own channels on Facebook and Twitter, also it will keep opened its pages for the visitor’s opinions.

Fidel’s Reflections
El Paso Diary
Cuba’s Reasons
The Cuban Five

Also the Twitter

And the Facebook



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  1. Faruk / Congratulations!

    This is a great news! The world need to know the truths about Cuba and the world! Thank you!

  2. Adriano

    It´s a huge achievement that we can read a new Cubadebate Web now in English. I´m sure this will be as succesfull and keep its objectivity as the Spanich version of Cubadebate. Congrats! and keep us iupdated!

  3. Carmen

    It’s great Cubadebate has taken this step to spread objective information. It will open more doors among non-Spanish speaking people who couldn’t participate in our debates before.

  4. Simon McGuinness / Atlast!

    Thanks Karen for this, I will look forward to reading it daily.

    Cuba’s international adversaries all speak English, so it is good in this 50th anniversary of the Bay of Pigs invasion to finally address them in their native language.

  5. Arsene D'Andresi / ThankYou

    I would to thank all the Comrades who worked on this web site and made truth available on the internet
    I think The Internet will be the tool that revolutionaries and Communists/Socialists around the world will use to bring an end to the bourgeois oppression. It’s great to see it happen one step at the time, and I hope the internet cable from Venezuela will be put in place soon!

    Arsene D’Andersi
    Communism Forever!

  6. Moodesty


  7. Luke Nicholas

    This is great news- it is vital that there is a non-profit alternative to the corporate media in the English-speaking countries. It is great that Cuba is reaching out to the whole world. We remain proud of the achievements of the Cuban people and Cuba’s contribution to the world.

  8. kaleem ullah Mandokhail / thatsthegreat...

    i would like to say thanks to Cuban government and debate society about this great achievement, we people of Pakistan and Afghanistan were known to Fidel Castro Ruz, his struggle about nation, but information from Cuba and Fidel Castro Ruz views were always in Spanish, when we were translating that web pages, that were giving us incomplete meaning. so we couldn’t enjoy that. But now this version will provide us the clear meaning of Fidel Castro Ruz and all other writer. the only request is that keep the objectivity and truth of this version same as Spanish version of Cuba debate and please don’t erase some information while translating to English. thanks again.

  9. Grant Foxon / CubahasmorepridethanAmerica

    Here in the UK and in USA Cuba is regarded as a source of evil. It is often revered as a “dictatorship” and is always slated. But what really is freedom? The freedom to swear, to drink, to become obese and to shoot people. My friends if that is the freedom the west offers they know where they can place it. Considering all the rubbish Cuba has had to put up with from the paranoid west it has always acted with the greatest respect and decorum. I salute Cuba it’s peoples and government. You continue to set a good example to the rest of the world.

    Love Always.

  10. Chaplinlives / GoodHealthFidel&HistoryHASAbsolvedYou!

    Best wishes to Fidel & all his comrades who started an honest revolution on July 26th many years ago. As an American, it is sad to see how successfully this government has duped most Americans into believing a false narrative about Cuba. Our Tea Party exists reflects the same racist & class hatred that inspired the terrorist Breivik. Although our President & many Democratic elected officials are not filled with the same level of hate they do, they do not have the guts to stand up to them & as a result have depressed the people who want justice & enable those right wing idealogues to grow in power.
    I admire Fidel because he made sure his revolution did NOT resort to torture & killing innocent civilians. He has remained consistent, despite assassination attempts, devastating economic boycotts & sophisticated lies, to the ideals of the revolution to bring about economic & social justice.
    Please know that despite the propaganda, there are many Americans like me who love the people of Cuba & will speak the truth about you whatever the consequences may be for us.
    Congratulations on this great day of July 26th & please pray (if you believe) or wish hopeful thoughts for America in this time of struggle.
    Charles Gargiulo

  11. N. Madhavan Kutty / Greetings

    Fraternal greetings from the friends of the Cuban people in the state of Kerala , South India ..

  12. Brandon / Mr.

    I think I’ll start a “Real CubaDebate,” as I doubt that communists really know what debate is, and I doubt that this comment will make it to the main page. If it does, I’ll be surprised and quite eager to encourage a barrage of reasoned comments from all other sides. Otherwise, you make a great choir – harmonious and all with little substance.

    The Cuban people? I can understand. The Cuban government? If you listened to your people at all it might mean something. “Bunch of lying butchers.” Yes, in America I’m free to say that and mean it. I’m even free to say what I think of Obama. It’s called “free speech,” but I guess that doesn’t translate well into Cuban Spanish.

    • Moodesty / Enjoyyourfreespeech

      Mr Brandon

      I really do understand that you enjoy your so called “free speech” in america

      What i will never understand is ,,when you export your free speech democracy to other nations,,, why does it always comes with bombs and killings and by denying their right of “free speech”?

      Greetings from Greece

    • Troy P Wright / ThisisforyouBrandon!Whatgoodisyourfreespeech!

      Brandon, with all due respects about your comment on Sep 8th, 2011 | 19:30. What good is free speech when your government lies to you. The Cubans are more free than any American as far as I’m concerned. Just not free to be corrupt thats about it. Cubans enjoy equality and are more human than most people on the planet. I invite you to watch some documentary’s from Michael Moore, how about “The War on Democracy” check that out! Read some of Fidel Castro’s Reflections on the crimes that he tracks around the world. Fidel speaks the truth and protects his people from the corruption in the world. The people of the United States seem to be the last to know about the crimes performed by their goverment. 400 rich Americans have 50% of your Countries wealth & its not gonna get better. These people keep you blind to keep the American machine going. There is no equality for the American people. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. If you do your home work, you will find the truth. Your statement is a completely uneducated & that is no accident my friend! I’m a Canadian well aware of whats going on in this world. The USA Empire has most of you either uneducated, fooled, or got it so you just don’t care. For your information, Fidel Castro is one of the greatest humanitarians of our time. His people love him as a Father & a Hero. I used to believe what you believe. Search the truth & then your soul my brother, you will find a calling your whole country needs to know about!

    • Lisa Makarchuk

      Why don’t you go ask Ozzie Guillen how much free speech he encountered?

  13. Jack / MyregardstoFidel

    I will follow this from a close eye

    The friend not from wikileaks

  14. Marce Cameron / Congratulations

    Dear CubaDebate, congratulations on the English webpage.

    On my blog, Cuba’s Socialist Renewal, I have published more than 130 English translations of selected commentaries, news articles and letters to the editor from Cuba’s revolutionary press and other sources, including the Spanish webpage of CubaDebate. You are welcome to republish any of these translations with acknowledgement.

    Kind regards,
    Marce Cameron

    Sydney, Australlia

  15. Oliver / Span-Glish

    We ned to comment in Espanglish,espanol,o,ingles,for all people in Latinoamerica,Rusia,Brasil,Noeteamerica to;because lot of read English but not write.

  16. Manny

    Now more people will lern who pays the so called disidents in Cuba (USAID) and how much US tax payers money goes to the “cuban exiles in Miami,FL”

  17. Troy P Wright / ACanadianthatwantstomakeadifference!

    Is it possible for a Canadian to join the Cuban Army Militia? (temporary militia like we have in Canada) to show support against the United States Empire. I feel a move like this would draw attention to the truth. Get this done then make the Media aware. Perhaps have a program in place for other young people from out of country who supports the truth. As much as possible, the world needs to be aware of the crimes done by the USA Empire. The world needs to hear the cry of the Latin American people. Its getting better all the time, more young people in the USA and Canada are becoming aware thanks Michael Moore& other Documentary’s like “The war on Democracy”. I don’t work 4 months every winter, my thoughts are to join a temporary militia. Make a committment for so long, to be trained to fight in organization with the Cuban Revolution. I am a white Canadian mix of Irish & Scottish mostly. I’m a 39 year old youth, a spirited, new age thinker. I’m a Red Seal Certified Journeyman Bricklayer by Trade. I’ve begun to learn to speak Spanish. I’m willing to do my part in this life to make a difference before I die. My investigation’s have turned into my passion in life. I feel the need to do more than volunteer work. I want to help make my Canadian brother’s & sister’s aware of whats really been going on in South America. I believe this is a great idea & could help boost awareness. Its a new age for Cuba its time for the rest of the world to wake up & be aware! I would love feed back.