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NATO’s Genocidal Role

That brutal military alliance has become the most perfidious instrument of repression known in the history of humankind.

NATO took on that global repressive role as soon as the USSR, which had served the United States as an excuse for its creation, ceased to exist. Its criminal purpose became obvious in Serbia, a Slavic country, whose people had so heroically fought against Nazi troops in WW II.

When in March of 1999 the countries of this ill-fated organization, in its efforts to disintegrate Yugoslavia after the death of Josip Broz Tito, sent their troops in support of the Kosovar secessionists, they ran into strong resistance from that nation whose experienced forces were still intact.

The Yankee administration, advised by the Spanish right-wing government of José María Aznar, attacked the Serbian TV stations, the bridges over the Danube River and Belgrade, that country’s capital. The embassy of the People’s Republic of China was destroyed by Yankee bombs, several of the officials died and there could not have been any error as the authors alleged. Many Serbian patriots lost their lives. President Slobodan Miloševiс, overwhelmed by the power of the aggressors and the disappearance of the USSR, ceded to NATO demands and admitted to the presence of that alliance’s troops in Kosovo under the UN mandate; this finally led to his political downfall and subsequent trial by The Hague courts which were less than impartial. He died a strange death in prison. Had the Serbian leader resisted a few more days, NATO would have entered into a serious crisis which was on the point of exploding. The empire thus had much more time to impose its hegemony among the every more subordinated members of that organization.

Between February 21st and April 27th of this year, I published nine Reflections on the subject on the CubaDebate website; in them I amply dealt with NATO’s role in Libya and what, in my opinion, was going to happen.

Therefore I find myself obliged to synthesize the essential ideas that I put forth, and the events that have been happening as foreseen, just that now the central figure in that story, Muammar Al-Gaddafi, was seriously wounded by the most modern NATO fighter-bombers which intercepted and incapacitated his vehicle, he was captured while still alive and murdered by men that organization had armed.

His body has been kidnapped and exhibited as a trophy of war, conduct that violates the most basic principles of the norms of Muslim and other religious beliefs in the world. It is being announced that very soon Libya shall be declared a “democratic state and defender of human rights.”

I find myself obliged to dedicate several Reflections to these important and significant events.

I shall continue tomorrow, on Monday.

Fidel Castro Ruz

October 23, 2011

6:10 p.m.


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  1. Christof Lehmann / ThankYouforaLifeLongResistanceandWorkforthePeople

    Your Excellency.
    Thank you for a life long resistance against the forces of imperialism, and your support for progressive forces world wide. You are, as usual, absolutely brilliant and correct in your analysis with respect to the creation of NATO and it´s “overt” transformation into an instrument of aggression and contemporary colonialism, beginning with the war on Yugoslavia. NATO´s call upon Article 5 of it´s Charter with respect to the aggression in Afghanistan ( and Pakistan), has been well prepared by NATO´s “Partnership for Peace” program and Individual Partnership Plans. These include Russia, which was in a desolate state of affairs under Boris Yeltsin, and all the states bordering Southern Russia and China. Sadly, the world has never been more close to a global disaster than it is today. I believe you know very well about the current security problems that need “urgent” solutions.

    To the murder on Muammar Ghadafi. It is one of the most appalling acts of colonialist brutality, and it must have legal consequences. Consequences which are not to be obtained in a NATO co-opted UN and ICC.

    With warmest regards and hope for peace for you and the world.


  2. protestfolk / HumanitarianNATOanti-warfolksongvideo

    There’s a video of a public domain anti-war folk song that protests against US/NATO’s policy of “humanitarian” military intervention, “Humaniarian NATO,” which was recently posted at the following protestfolk channel youtube link, that might interest Cubadebate readers:

  3. enrique

    Are you familiar with the situation in our country?
    Why you do not make coments about the poor conditions of hospitals, the poor conditions of the schools, the poor conditions of sports fields ? and a lot of problem in the society.
    Cuban goverment is always talking of the problem in the world, but what about all problem in Cuba? Is the cuban goverment aware of it?

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