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Bruno Rodriguez at the UN: "The Reconstruction of Haiti is a Pending Task"

Bruno Rodríguez

SPEECH BY HIS EXCELLENCY BRUNO RODRÍGUEZ PARRILLA, MINISTER OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS OF CUBA AT THE SPECIAL SESSION OF THE UN SECURITY COUNCIL ON HAITI. NEW YORK, APRIL 6, 2011. Just one year ago we, more than 50 governments and other international actors, committed ourselves at UN headquarters to provide substantial cooperation directed at the recovery

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Cuba Categorically Rejects any attempt Whatsoever to take Advantage of the Tragic Situation created in order to Occupy Libya and Control its Oil

Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla

Statement by Cuba’s Minister of Foreign Affairs to the UN Human Rights Council, Geneva, March 1, 2011: Is the Council proposing to make some substantial contribution to eliminating the principal threat to the life of the human species which is the existence of enormous arsenals of nuclear weapons, an infinitesimal part of which, or the explosion of 100 warheads, would provoke a nuclear winter, according to irrefutable scientific evidence?