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First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba begins working visit to Vietnam


The First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba, Gerardo Peñalver Portal, arrived in Hanoi this Sunday to co-chair the seventh round of political consultations between foreign ministries. Gerardo Peñalver Portal was received at the Nội Bài international airport by Le Cộng Tien, deputy director general for the Americas of the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Cuban ambassador Orlando Hernández Guillén. The First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba makes his first tour of the Indochina region.

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Thanks to Fidel and Vilma, for the women that we are


They say that before Fidel, before 1959, Cuban women – like those of almost the whole world – were at best: an ornament in the home, and at worst: a servant with a load of domestic work not paid; transparent, anonymous, whose opinion on political or social issues was not considered. They say that they were obliged to have all their children procreated, because between the precepts of religions and the cost of an interruption of pregnancy, not even thinking about an abortion.

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Matanzas, 13 de agosto


Ayer algunos decidieron homenajear al Comandante abrazando la ciudad de Matanzas. Kcho con su arte, Gerardo con su tropa en el barrio, Popi con sus valientes de escafandra en el lugar del siniestro…“El mejor lugar para estar un 13 de agosto, -por la demostración de unidad, solidaridad y otros principios que nos enseñó Fidel- precisamente era Matanzas y por eso estamos aquí”, dijo ayer Kcho en el Taller de Lolo donde junto a obras de artistas contemporáneos dedicadas al Comandante estaban unos dibujos que realizaron los niños.

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La era pos-Castro


Fidel se reía mucho de los planes de sus enemigos “para la era pos-Castro”. Un día dijo que mientras ellos hablaban de ese momento, él trabajaba para ese momento. Y vaya si les ganó de nuevo. Apenas una semana antes de cumplir los 96 años de nacido, y cuando ya lleva más de un lustro ausente, su nombre volvió a levantarse como el monumento que expresamente prohibió que se le hiciera. Cubanos de todas las edades que salieron a batirse con una catástrofe accidental sin pensar en los riesgos.

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Aleida Guevara: “Che is back again, with the shield over his arm”

Che aleida-niña-

When she was four years old, she saw, in the gloom of Mom’s room, Dad caressing Ernesto’s head, as if he were saying goodbye to the youngest of the children. A month after turning five, she heard Fidel Castro on television and there, while he was reading a farewell letter, she discovered her mother in tears. At the age of six, Aleida Guevara learned that “daddy”, as she says to Che, had died. October is definitely a sad month. She wears the same eyes and sometimes the smile gives her away more than the surnames.

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Fidel holds fraternal encounter with President of Guinea Bissau

fidel guinea bissau

On the afternoon of September 30, Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz received His Excellency José Mário Vaz, President of the Republic of Guinea Bissau. During the fraternal encounter the visitor expressed his gratitude for Cuba’s solidary and unforgettable contribution to the independence struggles of the people of Africa, especially that of his country; as well as the role played by compañero Fidel in that regard.

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Japanese Prime Minister visits Fidel

Fidel y Japon

On September 22, Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz received His Excellency Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan. The distinguished official, leading a delegation from his country, expressed his pleasure on visiting Cuba for the first time to the leader of the Cuban Revolution. He also recalled Fidel’s visit to Japan and its significance in strengthening the ties of friendship between the people of Japan and Cuba.

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US / Cuba Relations: What Would Constitute Normal?


President Dwight D. Eisenhower broke diplomatic relations with Cuba on January 3, 1961. Fifty-four years later, on Monday the 20th of July, the United States and Cuba will advance toward normalization of diplomatic relations. Presumably, the US will no longer treat Cuba as its enemy and treat the island simply as its next-door neighbor. Maybe … The raising of the flags at the embassies on the 20th of July is much anticipated. But what does this all really mean?

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Fidel informs about letters exchanged with Maradona

Fidel Castro

On January 11, Maradona spoke about the letter I had sent him and showed the document that had aroused curiosity but he didn’t mention the details.  Last week-end he again mentioned the letter in Telesur.  To set things clear, I include the full texts of my exchange with Maradona.

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To my comrades of the University Students Federation

Fidel Castro

I do not trust the US policy, nor have I ever exchanged a single word with them, something that in no way means a rejection to a peaceful settlement of conflicts or war dangers. Defending peace is a duty of all. Any peaceful and negotiated solution to the problems between the United States and peoples, or any people of Latin America, which does not involve force or the use of force, should be addressed according to international standards and principles.