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Santiago has shown that, without losing its hospitality, it remains rebellious and heroic

raul 26 julio

As the July 26 commemoration in Santiago concluded, after the central remarks made by José Ramón Machado Ventura, President Raúl Castro Ruz shared a few words. Machado Ventura recalled that the July 26 commemoration is held not only to honor the past, but to reaffirm that the heroic 1953 actions were not in vain, that the seeds sown have borne fruit.

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Raúl recieves Governor of Buenos Aires

Raul y argentina

Yesterday afternoon, July 22, President Raúl Castro Ruz received the Honorable Daniel Scioli, governor of the Argentine province of Buenos Aires, who is making an official visit to the country. During the fraternal encounter, the two leaders expressed their satisfaction with the excellent state of bilateral relations between their countries, and discussed the existing potential for developing ties in the areas of cooperation and trade. They additionally addressed regional and international issues.

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Cuban and U.S. banks sign agreement

stonegate  bank

Cuba’s International Commerce Bank and the U.S. Stonegate Bank reached the first important financial accord to be signed since the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries July 20. Established was an understanding on correspondence, a standard practice between banks to facilitate transactions. Sources noted that, in this specific case, existing restrictions imposed by the U.S. blockade must be taken into consideration.

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Afro-Cuban rumba legend Papo Angarica dies

papo angarica

Papo Angarica, a rumba legend in Cuba, died yesterday of respiratory failure caused by the chronic renal failure he had been suffering from, reported the Cuban Music Institute. Up until his death, Mario Angarica Díaz was director of the group Son Yoruba and worked as an advisor to several Cuban and Latin American folklore ensembles. Born in Havana on July 18, 1942 he learned a lot from his father, Nicolás Angarica from Matanzas, who gave him his first tambor (drum) at age four.

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US Blockade on Cuba is a Failure, It Should Cease, NYT Says


After the restoration of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States, the U.S. Congress should lift the blockade imposed on the island because it is a failed policy, The New York Times says in an article. The normalization of ties between the two countries will take years and it will be an arduous process because there are difficult problems to resolve as the future of the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo, in eastern Cuba, whose occupation the Cuban government considers illegal, the text says.

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Restoration of Relations with USA, a Cuba”s Victory

cuba eeu banderas

The five Cubans who were held in U.S. prisons for fighting terrorism stated during a visit to Nicaragua that the restoration of diplomatic relations between their country and the United States is a victory of the island. During the last day of their visit to this Central American nation, one of those fighters, Fernando Gonzalez, stated this this is a great victory of the people, ” which has resisted more than 50 years of hostility and aggression by the U.S. government.”

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Cuban FM Meets US Counterpart in Washington


Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez met today with his US counterpart John Kerry at the State Department at the end of the official ceremony of reopening of the embassy of Cuba in this capital.
he Cuban flag was hoisted today at the cuban Embassy, a few hours after the official ceremony for the reestablishment of bilateral diplomatic links that was led by Rodriguez.

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Statement by Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, minister foreign affairs of Cuba, at the ceremony to re-open the Cuban embassy in United Estates

brunopl embajada

“The flag that we revere at the entrance of this room is the same that was hauled down here 54 years ago, which was zealously kept in Florida by a family of liberators and later on by the Museum of our eastern city of Las Tunas, as a sort of premonition that this day would certainly come. Flying once again in this place is the lone-star flag which embodies the generous blood that was shed, the sacrifices made and the struggle waged for more than one hundred years by our people for their national independence and full self-determination, facing the most serious challenges and risks.”

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Cuban Flag Raises in the State Department in Washington


The Cuban flag was raised today at the headquarters of the State Department as part of the actions implemented within the process of diplomatic ties restoration between the United States and Cuba.The Cuban flag now stands alongside over 150 others, placed in alphabetical order, at the reception of the Federal body responsable for Foreign Relations. Within a few hours, the national flag will wave also at the embassy of Cuba, in a ceremony of about 15 minutes, to make oficial the restoration of relations, interrupted by Washington’s decision 54 years ago.

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US Interests Section in Cuba Upgraded to Embassy

secc ion de intereses

US officials confirmed on Monday that diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba were reestablished and that the Interests Section was officially upgraded to an embassy. In a press release, the US diplomatic representation points out that the event was in tune with the announcement made on July 1 by President Barak Obama. The US Interests Section became “the Embassy of the United States in Havana and will continue its diplomatic functions from its venue on Malecon, under the leadership of Ad Interim Business Attaché Jeffrey DeLaurentis”.