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Cuban ranks fourteenth among nations on the medal chart!

Cuba deportes tokio

Cuba rose to the challenge. Its liberating, emancipatory work made it so. From Céspedes to Martí, from Martí to Fidel and Raúl, the legacy continues to germinate in a people, from which exceptional human beings sprout: scientists, doctors, engineers, teachers, researchers, workers and officers… Women and youth carry on a history of commitment, as a starting point for new victories. A deep sense of honor is born in this homeland. No matter how steep the slope or rugged the path, be the adversary faster, taller or stronger, the Cuban people put their hearts into the task.

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Díaz-Canel: Those with the strength, the energy and the capacity are the youth

canel jovenes universidad

The diversity, commitment and wealth of the ideas of Cuba’s youth were once again made clear at the historic University of Havana yesterday, August 5, during an honest, casual dialogue. The sun was just rising as 100 young Cubans gathered in the emblematic Cadenas Square waiting for a special guest: they had an appointment with the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee and President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez.

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An equation for the Cuban economy

Canel economistas

This meeting has made a contribution; we had already analyzed in some depth the issues you raised, but now, with your input, they are more clear, stated Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, discussing the current state of the Cuban economy with specialists and students of Economic Sciences, yesterday August 4. The problems raised were identified in the Central Report to the 8th Party Congress and in the closing speech, and you have confirmed them and are supporting us, reiterated the President.

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The “opponents”

medicos matanzas

With millions of tax dollars, the U.S. government insists on fabricating lies to discredit Cuba and enlisting common criminals as “opponents” to attack authorities, while the vast majority of Cubans are mobilized to battle a new peak in the COVID epidemic. I could also call this short chronicle “mid-week news,” and that is why I will begin by highlighting some headlines in the Cuban press, those which go unnoticed by many agencies and media, including some that have accredited correspondents on the island.

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Micro, small and medium-sized businesses in Cuba: A smooth start

pequeñas empresas

The creation in Cuba of micro, small and medium-size businesses (MSMEs), as part of the overhauling of the economic actors has risen an intensive debate and a lot of expectations, especially in the non-state sector. As it has was recently reported by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Planning (MEP) Alejandro Gil Fernández on Cuban television’s Mesa Redonda program, they are currently working at an accelerated pace in the norms that will rule the organization and functioning of these companies dedicated to the production of goods and services.

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Cuba is sports, as well

Cuba deporte cabotaje

Over these first days of August, Cuba has won the most medals thus far during the Tokyo-2020 Olympic Games, a total of seven, including the golds of Mijaín López, with his fourth Olympic crown, Luis Orta, with his first, and the Cuban rowing duo of Serguey Torres and Fernando Dayán, who closed a magical day, giving the Cuban delegation its best day of these Games. An impressive young Luis Orta, gave another wrestling dissertation to win the title, and not to mention Mijaín López, with a final in which he showed himself to as strong as ever.

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A right jab to the face of the right wing

cesar cruz deporte

A Cuban-born boxer representing Spain, upon learning that he would face Julio Cesar La Cruz in the quarterfinals, excited haters of the Revolution with his bragging and offensive sloganeering, but lost the bout. With action and words, as if all of Cuba was speaking in his voice and posture, Julio Cesar La Cruz responded in the Olympic ring. The provocative comments of his rival Enmanuel Reyes, a Cuban-born boxer nationalized in Spain, upon learning that he would face La Cruz in the quarterfinals, roused those who encourage hate and demonize the Revolution.

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“I am here because the vaccine is Cuban”

cuba vacunacion

The first 10,000 Venezuelans, of the four million projected, are receiving their three doses of Cuba’s Abdala vaccine in Ciudad Tiuna, in the Caracas municipality of Libertador. It could be the human aspect of the work, the confidence returned, the lives saved here. Or perhaps the thousand and one expressions of brotherhood that have marked the hopes of Venezuela, over more than two decades.

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Anti-Cuban maneuver in the Organization of American States defeated

Cuba OEA

Party Political Bureau member and Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla posted a tweet yesterday, July 28, noting the defeat of a U.S. sponsored anti-Cuban maneuver in the OAS, rejected by the majority of member countries. A call for a meeting made by the United States to the Organization of American States (OAS) to “analyze the situation in Cuba,” no doubt to justify interference, failed miserably due to the refusal of the majority of its member countries.

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Cuba thanks Russia for humanitarian aid

rusia donacion

July 25, two An-124 aircraft landed at Havana’s José Martí International Airport, carrying 88 tons of food and a million medical facemasks, as part of a donation from the Russian Federation. Party Political Bureau member and Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla posted a tweet thanking Russia for a humanitarian donation that arrived in Cuba aboard two aircraft July 25.