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Cheers and chants resound as the proletariat’s day draws near

primero de mayo desfile panoramica

Massive, conscious participation is our goal this May Day, to reaffirm our unity and commitment, stated Luis Manuel Castanedo Smith, secretary general of the Federation of Cuban Workers (CTC) in Havana, during a plenary session of the trade union leadership, held yesterday, April 28.

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Cuban search and rescue team returns from Ecuador

cubanos rescatistas eduador

The search and rescue brigade which left for Ecuador following the earthquake which hit the country’s northern coast on April 16, returned to Cuba on the evening of April 27. The brigade members were received at Havana’s José Martí International Airport by Marcia Cobas, a member of the Party Central Committee and deputy minister of Public Health, as well as Brigade General and Interior Minister (Minint), José Luis Mesa Silva.

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Cuba treats 800 children from Chernobyl

Cuba niños Chernobil

The island was one of the first nations to respond to the tragedy and offer help in the form of rehabilitation treatment to those affected, the majority children. Cuban doctor Julio Medina, coordinator of the program, reported that to date the Cuban government has provided treatment to some 24,000 children.

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Cuba will never be a drug trafficking route

cuba no trafico de drogas

Cuba has been effective in preventing drug traffickers from operating within the country or using its territory as a transport route.
Cuba will never be used as a route for the transportation of illicit drugs, and much less will drug traffickers be able to establish themselves here, said Colonel Juan Carlos Poey, head of anti-drug efforts at the Ministry of the Interior (Minint).

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Posters and banners to light up plazas

Poster y banderas Plaza uno de mayo

This year, marking the 55th anniversary of the Revolution’s Literacy Campaign and the declaration of the country as free of illiteracy, May Day marches across the country will be led by educators.

“This constitutes recognition by the trade union movement of the sector closest to this great feat,” said Ismael Drullet Pérez, secretary general of the National Union of Educational, Scientific and Sports Workers (SNTECD), speaking with Granma.

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Kuwait Fund grants Cuba hydroelectric energy loan

KUwait Fundation

On April 23, the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development granted Cuba a loan of 30 million dollars to finance the construction of 34 small hydroelectric plants.
The loan represents an important contribution to government efforts to promote renewable energy, stated director general of the Electric Union (UNE), Liván Arronte.

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May Day: Teachers leading the way

primero de mayo foto

Over 40,000 teachers and students from pedagogical schools, accompanied by their families, will lead the May Day march to Havana’s Plaza de la Revolución, according to Ismael Drullet Pérez, secretary general of the National Union of Education, Science and Sports Workers, speaking to Granma International,who commented on the achievements which have seen the sector awarded the honor of leading the mass procession.

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Pope Francis appoints new Archbishop of Havana

Cardenal Jaime Ortega

On Tuesday, April 26 Pope Francis formally accepted the resignation due to age, of the historic Archbishop of Havana, Jaime Lucas Ortega y Alamino, and appointed Juan de la Caridad García Rodríguez from Camagüey as his replacement.
García Rodríguez was born on July 11, 1948 in Camagüey, he studied philosophy and theology at the San Basilio de El Cobre Seminary and San Carlos and San Ambrosio of Havana Seminary.

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Reducing air pollution a priority for Cuba

Cuba Contaminacion medio ambiente

Air pollution is a phenomenon with a broad impact on human health and one of the greatest environmental issues facing the world.
Leading organizations recognize that the inhalation of pollutants, especially fine particles, represents a risk to the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, as well as impacting on other conditions.

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At the forefront of the sciences in Cuba

centro ingenieria genetica

FROM the 1980s onward, Havana residents witnessed the building of various scientific facilities to the west of the city, including the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB), founded on July 1, 1986, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, modern productive capacities, and specialized personnel.