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No panic, but no overconfidence either

canel mesa

The President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, appeared on the Mesa Redonda television-radio show, Friday March 20, along with Prime Minister Manuel Marrero and other ministers, to announce new measures adopted to confront Covid-19 in the country. “As a state and government, we have the responsibility to protect human lives and the entire social fabric, addressing the situation in a comprehensive manner, with serenity, realism and objectivity. There can be no panic, but no overconfidence either

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Public Health measures in Covid-19 pre-epidemic stage

aeropuerto covid

A total of 11 measures have been established for the pre-epidemic stage of the battle against Covid-19 in Cuba. Maintain epidemiological surveillance at ports of entry for all residents returning to the country from abroad.Increase the number of health personnel at all air, land and sea terminals within the country, to prevent passengers with fever or respiratory symptoms from boarding any means of public transportation.

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The history of interferon in Cuba, in use today to treat Covid-19

Cuba interferon

Cuba’s pride in Interferon Alfa 2b is a natural reaction given the international prestige enjoyed by the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology which produces the medication.
Recombinant Human Interferon Alpha 2b continues to make headlines around the world and captures the interest of readers given its effectiveness in treating patients with the new SARS Cov-2 coronavirus, which causes the illness known as Covid-19.

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Party Political Bureau approves modification of annual plan of national events and commemorations


The decision applies to events of a national, provincial and local character of the Young Communist League, as well, (which has already announced the postponement of its 11th Congress), mass and social organizations and those organized by municipal and provincial Party committees. In accordance with the measures adopted in the country to combat Covid-19, the Political Bureau decided to significantly modify the Party’s plan of national events and commemorations this year.

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Covid-19: Cuban sports events with international participation postponed

Eventos inder

Among efforts to prevent and confront Covid-19, the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (Inder) has decided to postpone events with international participation scheduled in Cuba until at least April 30. Inder has also limited, as much as possible, the number of delegations traveling abroad, focusing on events directly linked to the Olympic and Paralympic qualification processes, as long as they are supported by their respective international federations and conditions in the host nation are favorable.

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Cuba on guard to prevent spreading of new coronavirus

cuba aeropuerto habana

Led by President of the Republic Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, and Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz, another meeting took place yesterday afternoon to review the Covid-19 situation, where Minister of Public Health José Ángel Portal Miranda confirmed a fifth case of the virus in Cuba. According to the minister, a Cuban patient, 63 years of age, resident in the Havana municipality of Diez de Octubre, who returned to the island from Spain on March 8.

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Cuban international medical brigades focused on solidarity and caution

medicos cubanos

For those who love their family members and their compatriots, the spreading Covid-19 pandemic is cause for alarm, given the risk faced by the more than 28,000 Cuban health workers serving on missions around the world. But it seems that their solidarity and internationalist vocation has been, thus far, a moral repellent. According to information provided by Dr. Jorge Hidalgo Bustillo, director of the Central Unit for Medical Collaboration (UCCM), all 28,268 members of Cuba’s medical brigades working in 61countries.

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Cuba will accept British cruise ship MS Braemar


On March 13, the government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland requested that Cuban authorities allow the Fred Olsen cruise line’s MS Braemar to dock in a Cuban port with a small number of travelers with the new coronavirus (SARS CoV 2/Covid-19), and assist in their repatriation by air. In conjunction with British authorities, arrangements have been made, once the travelers arrive, for their safe and immediate return to the United Kingdom on charter flights.

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No new cases of Covid-19 in Cuba in last 48 hours

Bandera cubana

The four Covid-19 patients identified remain hospitalized and are progressing satisfactorily, with all resources needed to ensure their full recovery available; while efforts to prevent the spread of the pandemic within the country continue. Dr. Carmelo Trujillo Machado, head of the Ministry of Public Health (Minsap) Department of International Health Control, reported this information Sunday in a press conference, and emphasized that the implementation of all measures established.

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Covid-19: aucun nouveau cas enregistré à Cuba dans les dernières 48 heures

Bandera cubana

Au cours des dernières 48 heures, Cuba n’a signalé aucun nouveau cas de Covid-19. Les quatre patients hospitalisés évoluent de manière satisfaisante et toutes les ressources nécessaires à leur rétablissement complet sont garanties, alors que toutes les mesures de contrôle d’éventuel foyer sont maintenues pour empêcher la propagation de la pandémie dans le pays. Ces informations ont été offertes dimanche lors d’une conférence de presse par le Dr. Carmelo Trujillo Machado, chef du Département de contrôle sanitaire international du ministère de la Santé publique