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Integration to achieve a better use of our resources


The need to act against the decline of natural resources and stop the impact of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere by promoting innovative practices in the country, was the main issue evaluated during the most recent meeting of the National Innovation Council, held in the Palace of the Revolution.

Led by President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez and with the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Inés María Chapman, the exchange of academics, scientists, experts and managers this time went through the analysis of how much we could do to promote the concept of circular economy in the recycling industry, and in all our sectors, to achieve greater use of natural resources, in a nation like ours where the economy develops in very particular conditions.

The presentation of three papers on the current situation and perspective to advance the concept of circular economy taking into account innovation, marked the exchange of the meeting.

As a practice of developed nations, the essence of the circular economy is to achieve a better use of raw materials and the reuse of solid waste, not only from an environmental perspective, but also from an economic and technological reconversion perspective.

On how to achieve greater sustainability in the country, Professor Dennis Oliva Merencio from the Technological University of Havana spoke. Seeking greater strength in any innovation system and in particular when talking about the circular economy in the recycling industry cannot ignore the need to achieve integration between all sectors of society, which is why the doctor of Sciences, Lídice Vaillant, He defended the need for the integration of all sectors and their interrelation.

When defining the concept of circular economy, academic Dennis Oliva Merencio described it as comprehensive and core.

A broad exchange between experts, academics, producers and managers present, raised the issue of the circular economy and the need for its application as part of the permanent approach that should prevail in each project that is started.

President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez defined the circular economy as strategic, because of its transversal nature and what it implies in the creation of a culture for its implementation and influencing the transformation of people’s actions.

An important group of issues emerged from the meeting, which is why he insisted on the need to advance in the creation of a Cuban strategy on circular economy.

“We must ensure that we all think about the circular economy, both in the business system and in the municipalities,” said the president. He stated that this will allow us to chain processes to reach new products and productive transformations.

During the new meeting of the National Innovation Council, which has become a pillar in the exercise of government in the country, it was reported that the digital site of the Presidency has a space that can be accessed, where 102 materials are currently inserted with a wide documentation on meetings of this type held.

In the topic of analysis of the most recent meeting (the circular economy), although our country is far from practices that are implemented in developed nations, important areas are identified where comprehensive work can be done in order to multiply and make more efficient use more sustainable. of our natural resources, the reuse of solid waste generated by institutions and the population, and achieve greater productive chains.

(Taken from Radio Rebelde)

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