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José Martí International Airport with a new look

aeropuerto JM

Havana’s José Martí International Airport Terminal-3 has a new look, since conducting an investment process in 2019 to improve services provided at the country’s principal airport. This effort also addresses the absurd U.S. government decision to eliminate flights to other provinces from that country, in an attempt to not only damage the country’s economy, but also create discontent among visitors by overcrowding services offered in Havana.

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Ministry of Tourism annual review: Presenting the real Cuba

Canal turismo revista

Cuba’s goal is to reach 4.5 million visitors this year, a figure that can be achieved with no problem if directives and work projections, discussed February 28 during the leisure industry’s annual review, are implemented. The annual review was also attended by Prime Minister Manuel Marrero; Mercedes López Acea, member of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee’s Political Bureau and Secretariat; and Tourism Minister Juan Carlos García Granda, among other authorities.

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Habano Festival raises more than four million euros for Cuban public health


The 22nd Habano Festival’s long-awaited auction, closing the event February 28, raised a record 4.27 million euros for Cuba’s national public health system, in a beautiful gesture of friendship and solidarity with the Cuban people. Dalia Padilla and María Eugenia Álvarez, from Christie’s London auction house, one of the world’s most famous of its kind, hosted the sale of six original humidors during the event’s evening Gala, held at the Pabexpo Exhibition Center, representing a tribute to the world’s most renowned Cuban cigar brands.

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Cuba is recognized worldwide as a safe tourist destination, a fact the United States cannot obscure

Cuba turismo

Cuba is recognized worldwide as a safe tourist destination, with outstanding hospitality, evidenced by the Excellence Award as the safest country for tourism, awarded at the 38th International Tourism Fair, in Madrid, Spain, in 2018. Such credentials cannot be obscured, despite the Trump administration’s media campaigns and sanctions on Cuba, escalating since 2017, with the purpose of undermining this strategic sector, key to the economic and social development of our country. These measures, along with other blockade restrictions, have caused losses amounting to some 1.383 billion dollars – from April 2018 to March 2019 alone – in important areas related to travel, services, operations and logistics. It is estimated that 35% of the total number of annual visitors to Cuba would be from the United States, if the blockade did not exist.

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Maisí: Water returns to La Punta

Maisi agua

Punta de Maisí, also known as the terrace of Cuba, has the most beautiful marine terraces on the island, also considered one of the best preserved, since according to experts, it has a variety of unique geological features. Perhaps all these attributes caused the wrath of Seth (Egyptian God of drought and the desert), which fell upon this porous calcareous plateau composed of red fersialitic soil. The truth is that Punta de Maisí is becoming drier and hotter. No one can confirm this better than Arsenio Chávez Navarro, who has dealt with the region’s fickle weather for years. The seventy-year-old describes it like this: “The sun wants to crack the rocks open. It rains very little and it gets hotter every year.”

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Marabou charcoal consolidated as a leading agricultural export


The tightening U.S. blockade has limited incoming shipments of fuel and other inputs; but, Ceballos Agroindustrial Enterprise, located in the province of Ciego de Ávila, has managed to overcome these obstacles and exported 21,951 tons of artisan-produced charcoal to European countries, in 2019. Engineer Wilver Bringas Fernández, plant director, reported that from 2005 to date the company has exported more than 266,100 tons of charcoalmade from marabou.

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Alejandro Gil: We are counting on everyone’s efforts to find solutions, not justifications


To say, once again, that the Cuban economy should grow around 0.5% in 2019 is not a simple repetition. Returning to the figure, in this case, serves to recognize its significance, although seen alone, it does not tell us much, nor does it impact Cubans’ quality of life in an appreciable way.

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We are brothers and sisters in struggle of Fidel and Raul! We are continuity!

canel diaz a nac

The National Assembly’s Ninth Legislature, meeting December 20-2, can only be described as historic, with the designation of Manuel Marrero Cruz as Prime Minister, and confirmation that Cuba is advancing despite the tightening of the U.S. blockade, defending the Revolution with joy, in peace

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Estimates indicate that the Cuban economy did not decline in 2019, another victory over the U.S. blockade

motos venta

Despite the limitations, and thanks to the efforts of our people, it is estimated that the Cuban economy will not decline in 2019, evidence of our capacity to resist and the untapped potential we have, said Alejandro Gil Fernández, Minister of Economy and Planning, when informing deputies of the economy’s performance in 2019, prior to the Fourth Ordinary Period of Sessions of the National Assembly of People’s Power Ninth Legislature.

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“Saving, being efficient, always produces earnings”

Diaz Canel Asamblea

The people have faced the fuel crisis with the best response: solidarity, understanding, seeking and providing solutions. They rose to the occasion, but we must continue to promote awareness, since this is the responsible way to act, said the President of the Republic, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, yesterday, during a working session of the Industry, Construction and Energy Committee.