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Trump hints that he will run for the 2024 presidential elections and calls Nancy Pelosi “crazy”

trump y nancyFormer US president Donald Trump hinted that he “probably” will run again in the 2024 presidential election, at the same time that he called Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House of Representatives, “crazy.”
“I was nominated twice and I won twice. (…) For our country to be successful, safe and glorious again, I will probably have to do it again, ”said the politician that Saturday at the ‘Save America’ rally held in the city of Robstown, Texas.

“But first we have to achieve a historic victory for the Republican Party this November,” he added in relation to the midterm elections that will take place on November 8.
Likewise, he criticized Pelosi and stated that he will end his political career. “And we’re going to end up with crazy Nancy Pelosi, and she’s crazy, she’s crazy. We are going to end his political career,” Trump said.
On the other hand, he assured that, if he had been re-elected in the 2020 presidential elections, the conflict in Ukraine would not have happened “not in a million years.”

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