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Giorgia Meloni handed over the post of Prime Minister of Italy today

Mario-Draghi-y-Giorgia-Meloni-580x435During a solemn act known as the Bell Ceremony, the outgoing head of government, Mario Draghi, today hands over his position to Giorgia Meloni as president of the Italian Council of Ministers, the first time that a woman has assumed that position.

An extensive security police deployment surrounds the Chigi Palace, headquarters of the Executive, where the change of command will take place at 10:30 local time, after which Meloni will meet with the members of the team that he now heads, according to an official statement .

Italian and world public opinion is closely following the first session of the new Council of Ministers, where the initial course to be taken by the most far-right government in this country since the Second World War should be outlined.

The Bell Ceremony, with which the change of command in the government of this country is formalized, was established in 1996 during the delivery of his position by Prime Minister Lamberto Dini to Romano Prodi.

In the act that will take place this Sunday in the Galleons room of the aforementioned building, the new head of government will receive on a special tray the golden bell delivered by Draghi, with which she will lead the meetings of the Council of Ministers.

The current prime minister, 45, began her political career in 1992 in the Youth Front of the neo-fascist Italian Social Movement (MSI) party, later known as the National Alliance, and in 1996 she was already leading the student wing of that political formation.

She was elected deputy for that ultra-conservative alliance in 2006, two years later she became Minister of Youth of the then head of government, Silvio Berlusconi, and in 2012 she founded the far-right Brothers of Italy party, which she has chaired since 2014.

As leader of that political force and of the Group of European Conservatives and Reformists, a position he held in 2020, he advocated the renegotiation of the European Union treaties and of Italy’s membership in the euro monetary community, which raises concerns in that regional bloc.

Her motto in the electoral campaign, with a strong ultra-nationalist content, was “Italy and Italians first!” And among the government’s objectives is, according to observers, to put a stop to immigration. She also speaks out against abortion and same-sex marriage.

(Taken from Latin Press)

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