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Hurricane Ian affected 40 percent of base stations and 7 percent of telephone services in Cuba

huracan etecsa

The Telecommunications Company of Cuba S.A (Etecsa) reported that recovery work continued with the execution of cleaning tasks, restoration of cables and more than 1,200 poles affected by the force of the winds and fallen trees. They pointed out that, after the passage of Hurricane Ian, more than 100,000 interrupted fixed services were registered, representing 15% of the total telephone lines of the five provinces that were under the influence of this meteorological event.

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Considerable damage reported in the tobacco sector of San Juan and Martínez


Conrado López González directs one of the main tobacco producing cooperatives in the municipality of San Juan y Martínez, in Pinar del Río. To talk with the producer, we went to Obeso’s choice, which, like a five-door tobacco house, was left on the ground by the passage of Hurricane Ian. Before, we passed through the rubble of one of the 38 controlled cure houses that the territory has. “The cyclone completely knocked down the tobacco house,” says López González as he points to the entire structure on the ground.

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NATO describes the damage to the Nord Stream gas pipeline system as an act of sabotage


“The damage suffered by the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines in international waters of the Baltic Sea is very worrying. All currently available information indicates that it is the result of deliberate, reckless and irresponsible acts of sabotage,” reads the bloc’s statement. military. The alliance pointed out risks to navigation and considerable environmental damage as a result of the act.

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Díaz-Canel recorre central termoeléctrica Ernesto Guevara, en Santa Cruz del Norte


El presidente cubano, Miguel Díaz-Canel, llegó esta mañana a la central termoeléctrica Ernesto Guevara, en Santa Cruz del Norte, provincia Mayabeque, donde se trabaja sin descanso para recuperar potencia en la generación que se aportará a la sincronización del sistema electroenergético nacional (SEN), informó la Presidencia en su cuenta en Twitter. Poco antes de la llegada del mandatario, la unidad 2 de esa CTE ya estaba aportando 23 MW a parte del SEN del occidente de Cuba.

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United Nations links Cuba in renewable energy program


The largest region of Cuba is benefited by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), with the donation of 342 photovoltaic panels for families affected by weather phenomena. The two-kilowatt power equipment comes from the European Union and is manufactured in China, distributed in the four provinces of central Cuba (Camagüey, Ciego Ávila, Sancti Spíritus and Villa Clara), which were affected in 2017. by Hurricane Irma, specifically in the northern municipalities.

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Mipyme from Mayabeque produces and markets buffalo milk derivatives

mipymes lacteos

The Lácteos Rojas microenterprise, the first of its kind in Cuba, is a venture that began in 2020 as a local development project. Then it would become an experiment for dairy mipymes, among 35 selected in the country. Located in the Güines municipality, in the Mayabeque province, the company markets products derived from buffalo milk, such as ice cream, yogurt and cheese.Productive linkages provide entrepreneurs with the availability of technologies, as well as the acquisition of buffalo milk and natural and tropical fruit pulp, for the preparation of assortments.

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The National Verification of Internal Control begins, the largest annual control exercise


(CNCI) has already started. This Monday, September 19, 305 entities of the business system throughout the country received 2,200 auditors, supervisors, experts from organizations and more than 850 university students and 101 experts from the National Office of Standardization and the National Office of Labor Inspection, in the largest annual audit exercise. The provincial command posts begin to receive the reports of the audit groups assigned to each entity, where they were received by their administrations, union and political organizations.

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Cola.CU (I): A bet against hoarders and resellers


Since September 1, 2020, the Cola.CU application has been operating in the capital, aimed at strengthening order in the stores of the Caribe and Cimex chains. The automated system records purchase history and makes it possible to identify the frequency with which people visit these facilities, as well as the products they purchase. The idea -which arose in the midst of covid-19- was promoted by the Union of Informatics of Cuba and developed by the Eureka Scientific Group of the “José Antonio Echeverría” Technological University of Havana (Cujae), led by Professor Joaquín Pina Amargos.

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The New York Times denounces that 97 US congressmen are involved in unfair trading of financial assets


At least 97 current members of the US Senate and House of Representatives reported selling and buying stocks and other financial assets by themselves or their immediate family members in sectors that could be affected by their area of ​​work in Congress, according to an extensive investigation by The New York Times, published in September, which is based on the analysis of trade data from 2019 to 2021. Thus, the newspaper’s journalists compared the politicians’ transactions with the work of committees.

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Biden administration will expand restrictions on exports of chips and technological tools to China


The US government plans starting next month to extend restrictions on US exports to China of semiconductors used in artificial intelligence and chip-making tools, Reuters reports, citing sources familiar with the matter. The US Department of Commerce intends to include new regulations, based on the notification letters sent at the beginning of the year to three companies in the North American country: KLA Corp, Lam Research and Applied Materials.