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The National Verification of Internal Control begins, the largest annual control exercise

9503-auditoria-control-interno-768x389(CNCI) has already started. This Monday, September 19, 305 entities of the business system throughout the country received 2,200 auditors, supervisors, experts from organizations and more than 850 university students and 101 experts from the National Office of Standardization and the National Office of Labor Inspection, in the largest annual audit exercise.

The provincial command posts begin to receive the reports of the audit groups assigned to each entity, where they were received by their administrations, union and political organizations, with the certainty that this action will make them more efficient and will contribute to the development of the country.

The Comptroller General of the Republic Gladys Bejerano Portela recognized the dedicated work of the auditors and all the members of the national auditing system, and the social recognition they deserve when facing the current economic and energy challenges that the country is experiencing, as a single team, in the effort to contribute to the improvement of the socialist state enterprise.

During this National Verification, which must conclude on October 31, compliance audits will be carried out on the sample of selected entities. The true auditor is like a teacher teaching how to make each company better, she emphasized.

The Vice Comptroller General Darlam Dalmau Palomino, who coordinates the execution of the CNCI with a process approach, clarified that the provincial Comptrollers may decide the evaluation in the audits of the complementary issues that are necessary, including, on a mandatory basis, that linked to the control and use of the fuel.

The period to be audited will be the first half of the year and the findings of alleged criminal acts or other significant acts will be reported immediately to the provincial command post, who will guide the steps to follow.

The priority topic of the audits will be to control compliance with the 43 regulations approved for the Cuban state business system, the management of companies that produce goods and services for export, as well as import substitution, the general indications to verify the liquidity allocations, the use of fuel and the use of transportation, among other issues.

The audit groups may request the provincial command posts, according to their initial evaluations, the simultaneous execution of complementary topics, which deal with:
Economic contracting processes; The status of accounts receivable and payable, their documentation and reliability; Control of payroll payment in accordance with the scales, rates and payment systems approved for workers; The control and use of inventories; Transport operation license, road safety and consignment note; The optional topics of cash on hand and bank; tangible fixed assets; control of investment processes; the organizational movements of entities, and the delivery and reception of charges.

The audit groups in the Superior Organizations of Business Management (OSDE) must summarize the results of the audits in their companies as of October 20 and the companies will previously summarize those corresponding to their Base Business Units (UEB) on the same date, with a view to being able to summarize everything at the national command post and have the report ready to be presented to the Government.

Bejerano Portela insisted that the final report of each audit to the Board of Directors of the entity and to the workers’ assembly must be done with the transparency that characterizes this process, and promote debate with the workers with the supreme interest of improving the state company. socialist, without which we will not be able to advance in national development for the benefit of the population.

If something is not fulfilled or there are losses, it is important to know why, analyze what has been done to resolve that situation and where are the problems that hinder its fulfillment, it must be said and discussed constructively as revolutionaries, he stressed.

In the last meeting prior to the start of the CNCI, connected by videoconference with all the Provincial Comptroller’s Offices and the Isle of Youth, the main directors of the National Comptroller’s Office participated, the Hero of the Republic Ramón Labañino, representing the National Association of Economists and Accountants from Cuba, main directors of the Union of Jurists, the Central de Trabajadores, the National Offices for Labor Standardization and Inspection and other organizations participating in this control action.

(Taken from the Comptroller General of the Republic)

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