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The Washington Post: The growing influence of the “mighty and reckless” Elon Musk worries the US government

elonmuskSpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk is becoming increasingly involved in geopolitical issues, raising concerns in Washington. With his publications about the scenarios of peaceful resolution of the conflicts between Ukraine and Russia and between Taiwan and China, and with his statements about the cut of financing of the Starlink terminals in Ukraine, the billionaire provoked irritation and concern among US legislators, reports The Washington Post.Musk, who is currently the richest person in the world, continually demonstrates his growing power.

The media points out that the two-decade alliance between the tycoon and the Government allowed the US to establish global dominance in space, bet on the introduction of electric cars and gain ground in the world of technology.

However, today in Washington they are grateful to Musk for the progress he has made in areas of national security, but they also call the businessman “too powerful and reckless.”

Following certain statements by Musk directed at American public figures, including Joe Biden, many White House officials spoke out about the billionaire’s personality, describing him, for the most part, as an erratic and arrogant but brilliant man.

“He believes he is such a gift to humanity that he doesn’t need protective barriers, that he knows what is best,” said an official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“He sees himself above the presidency,” said Jill Lepore, a Harvard historian who has presented several podcasts about the businessman.

“The bottom line is that people hang on to his every word because he’s said it many times,” said Illinois Sen. Richard J. Durbin. “I hope he shows some respect for that responsibility,” he added.

Meanwhile, Musk himself has limited himself to stating on occasion that the objective of his comments is “to improve the future of humanity.”
But the truth is that Musk’s relationship with Washington began in 2008, after signing a major contract with NASA at a time when the businessman was heavily in debt. Washington subsequently poured billions of dollars into SpaceX, and in return, Musk rebuilt the US space program.

However, today the businessman is increasingly critical of the federal government and at the same time establishes more links with foreign policy. Musk also maintains commercial ties with South Korea, Turkey, Germany and China, in addition to owning and controlling more satellites than any country: more than 3,000 units.
As time goes by, Musk needs Washington less, while the US leadership remains dependent on him.

“The US military uses its rocket and satellite communications services for its drones, ships and aircraft. NASA currently has no way of getting American astronauts to the International Space Station without their space capsule. And, at a time when climate change is a top White House priority, it has more electric cars on US roads than any other manufacturer,” the article says.
In this context, reports emerged about Washington’s efforts to lessen its dependence on Musk through interaction with other companies.
However, few seek a direct confrontation with the tycoon.

Biden has already made this mistake by not inviting Musk to a White House conference on electric vehicles in August 2021. In response, the businessman called the decision “next level of insanity” and accused the US president of be controlled by the unions.

Subsequently, he dedicated himself for quite some time to calling attention to every blunder by Biden on his social networks and in public statements.
The media highlights that there are many people who do like to do business with Musk, not only for fear of his possible reaction, but also because of his achievements. In this way, the number of projects that the billionaire is working on is far from decreasing, but, on the contrary, increasing.

“We should be concerned, not because it is inevitable that his influence will be negative, but because it is inevitable that he will be a major influence,” Jill Lepore concluded.
After the publication of The Washington Post, one of the billionaire’s followers on social networks dedicated a tweet to the article.

“WP says that Elon Musk is a threat to national security. ‘Democracy dies in the dark,’ says his tagline, but instead ‘democracy dies when influential people use journalism to protect powerful interests while misleadingly claiming they are protecting the interests of ordinary people,’” the comment reads. .
“Exactly,” Musk responded on Sunday. “WP are very hypocritical,” he stated.

(Taken from RT in Spanish)

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