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Cuba thanks Russia for humanitarian aid

rusia donacionJuly 25, two An-124 aircraft landed at Havana’s José Martí International Airport, carrying 88 tons of food and a million medical facemasks, as part of a donation from the Russian Federation

Party Political Bureau member and Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla posted a tweet thanking Russia for a humanitarian donation that arrived in Cuba aboard two aircraft July 25.

“I am grateful for the shipment of humanitarian aid from the government of the Russian Federation, a symbol of the excellent relations of friendship and solidarity that unite our sister countries,” the Foreign Minister stated, just hours before two modern An-124 aircraft were scheduled to land at Havana’s José Martí International Airport, carrying 88 tons of food and protective equipment, including one million medical facemasks.

At the site where the donation was unloaded, Minister of Domestic Commerce Betsy Díaz Velázquez reiterated the nation’s thanks for the gesture of solidarity and explained that our country is facing a difficult situation with many shortages, mainly of food, as a result of the tightening of the U.S. blockade.
Photo: Ismael Batista

The Russian Federation’s ambassador in Cuba, Andrei Guzkov, noted that his staff is working closely with Cuban authorities, to determine other specific needs, including medicines, with a view toward including these items in future donations.

(Taken from Granma)

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