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Science confirms there can be no overconfidence in COVID-19 battle

Cuba reunionm Canel Covid

A few hours before Havana entered the first phase of recovery and the rest of Cuba, with the exception of Matanzas, entered the second phase, yesterday July 2, President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez emphasized, “Science continues to confirm that there can be no overconfidence in the battle against COVID-19.” In another encouraging meeting at Revolution Palace with scientists and experts, which have become a regular point on the government’s agenda every Thursday.

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All of Cuba in recovery, defeating the pandemic

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As has been reported, given measures adopted and the efforts of our people, all the country’s provinces, except Havana, are currently in the first phase of the first stage of post-COVID-19 recovery. It must be said that we were always aware that Havana would be the most difficult and complex site in confronting the epidemic, given its characteristics as a national capital. The results of work carried out have allowed us to note progress made in the capital’s battle, over the last few days, to the point that.

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The world of two months ago has disappeared


Journalist, writer and communications expert Ignacio Ramonet, has restricted his movement and is following strict social isolation measures, in Havana, although he is in excellent health. However, while apparently resting, he has created an essay that has already won accolades as a tool that can help us understand the circumstances and consequences of COVID-19 for humanity: Before the unknown… The pandemic and the world-system.”

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We are crushing the empire’s perverse efforts to discredit the exemplary solidarity of Cuban medical brigades

Regreso medicos Canel

As we have become accustomed, in recent days, we have the pleasure, the satisfaction of receiving another group of our valuable health workers, who are members of the Henry Reeve Brigade serving on different international cooperation medical missions, in solidarity, in the fight against the pandemic in other countries. Therefore, for you, as we did with the Lombardy Brigade, first of all, a warm embrace and welcome home on behalf of all our people.

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With fewer cases, more testing

Cuba c ovid reunion

ith one case reported on June 29 and the closing of the local transmission event in the Havana municipality of La Lisa, Cuba is moving forward in controlling the COVID-19 epidemic. Despite the favorable numbers – only 39 active cases and 95% of patients recovered – Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz, insisted on not letting down our guard and maintaining active monitoring in communities, which have had a positive impact on the pandemic’s evolution in Cuba.

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COVID-19 statistics improving in Cuba, but without overconfidence

cubacovid consejo ministros

One hundred and ten days after the first three positive cases of COVID-19 were detected in Cuba, yesterday, June 29, the figures continued to be encouraging and testify to the work done to contain the epidemic. With eight new patients, ten medical discharges and no deaths the previous day, the positive trend continues. This was confirmed by Minister of Public Health José Angel Portal Miranda, in his update on the country’s epidemiological situation presented during the prevention and control.

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University in the fields

Univertsituy field

Cuba’s battle against COVID-19, and the positive results achieved, have allowed us to understand the value of science in the solution of the country’s main problems, and that the role universities must play, an experience that can and must be extended to other arenas, among them food production, the nation’s number one priority at this time. President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez announced in June that a first meeting will be held with the entire science and innovation system involved in this issue.

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Díaz-Canel: We have the work of the Revolution ahead of us and we must defend it with passion

Cuba covid reunio diaz canel

In the exchange with members of the Council of Ministers, Díaz-Canel referred to “the subversive offensive in social media, which is extremely aggressive, since they are bothered by what we have achieved, that amidst all this, we are moving forward.” Every day, Diaz-Canel said, a vast number of outrageous lies, speculations, and exaggerations are spread, which we must expose and denounce.

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COVID-19 battle in Cuba following a scientific path

covid battel Cuba

During his regular meeting with scientists and experts to review progress in the COVID.19 battle, the President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, yesterday highlighted the achievements that have been obtained by Cuban science during these difficult months. From a beginning with great uncertainty, he noted, we have moved forward consolidating results and showing progress, adding that we have travelled a scientific path that is becoming stronger.

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Havana continues COVID-19 battle

Cuba covid reunion junio

Havana is the only remaining province in the country that has not made the transition to phase one of the COVID-19 recovery period. A total of 102 confirmed active cases of the new coronavirus in the province were reported, with new three cases added June 22, and most with a known source of infection; two local transmission events; an incidence rate per 100,000 inhabitants of 5.20 in the last 15 days, tending to decrease over the course of this time span; and a reproductive index of 0.62.