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A lock that denies rights

bloqueo vs cubaFollowing the same strategic design of the sixties, the current Government of the United States maintains the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba. Throughout time, US politicians have insisted on maintaining that policy of siege and suffocation in their speeches and actions. This is the case of Jesse Helms and Dan Burton, Robert Torricelli, Bob Graham, Marco Rubio, Mauricio Clever Carone, Mario Díaz Balart, Bob Menéndez and others who see the set of coercive measures as a way of sensibly damaging the Cuban economy and influence popular support for the island government.

When the first cases of covid-19 were detected in Cuba in March 2020 and the pandemic began to spread throughout the national territory, 243 measures were already weighing on the Cuban economy and people, which to date hit sources of income, operations as well as exports and tourism.

At the same time, unilateral decisions by Washington fractured relations between families in Cuba and abroad.

Although they were activated during the Trump administration, Biden has kept them unchanged. A demonstration that, in the United States, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party embody the same hegemonic strategy of imperial domination.

In the case of Cuba, in line with the speech enunciated from the White House, which sought to present the country as a failed state, on digital networks the media financed by the United States government tried to conceal the criminal nature of the system of coercive measures against the island.
Through the analysis of experts, testimonies and documents, this chapter of the audiovisual series reveals why this unilateral policy denies rights to Cubans.

(By: Daily Perez Guillen)

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