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Cuba reports 73 new cases of COVID-19, no deaths and 82 medical discharges


At the close of this Saturday, August 13, Cuba reported 73 new cases of COVID-19, no deaths and 82 medical discharges, the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) reported in its daily report this Saturday.

At the close of yesterday, a total of 634 patients are admitted, 248 suspects and 386 confirmed active.

For COVID-19, a total of 2,316 samples were taken for surveillance, of which 73 were positive. The country has accumulated 14,064,773 samples taken and 1,109,433 positive.50 were contacts of confirmed cases;

Three with source of infection abroad;
20 with no specified source of infection.
Of the 73 diagnosed cases, 34 were female and 39 male.
Four asymptomatic cases (5.5%) are reported, accumulating a total of 147,370, which represents (13.3%) of those confirmed to date.
The 73 diagnosed cases belong to the age groups: under 20 years old (46), 20 to 39 years old (14), 40 to 59 years old (4) and 60 years old and over (9).
Of 1,109,433 patients diagnosed with the disease, 386 remain hospitalized, 382 of them with stable clinical evolution. There are 8,529 deaths (no deaths are reported on the day), lethality of 0.77% vs 1.09% in the world and 1.62% in the Americas; two evacuated, 57 returned to their countries, on the day there were 82 discharges, they accumulate 1,100,459 (99.2%). Four confirmed patients are treated in Intensive Care, including two critical and two serious patients.

Residence by province and municipality of confirmed cases:

Pinar del Rio: 2 cases

Pinar del Río: 1 (contact of confirmed cases)
San Juan and Martínez: 1 (contact of confirmed cases)
Artemis: 3 cases

Mariel: 1 (contact of confirmed cases)
Bauta: 1 (contact of confirmed cases)
San Antonio de los Baños: 1 (contact of confirmed cases)

Havana: 4 cases

Marianao: 2 (contacts of confirmed cases)
San Miguel del Padrón: 1 (contact of confirmed cases)
La Lisa: 1 (contact of confirmed cases)

Mayabeque: 4 cases

Santa Cruz del Norte: 4 (contacts of confirmed cases)

Matanzas: 4 cases

Matanzas: 1 (contact of confirmed cases)
Cárdenas: 2 (1 contact of confirmed cases and 1 imported)
Martí: 1 (contact of confirmed cases)

Cienfuegos: 3 cases

Cienfuegos: 2 (contacts of confirmed cases)
Palmira: 1 (contact of confirmed cases)

Villa Clara: 1 case

Remedies: 1 (confirmed cases contact)

Sancti Spiritus: 4 cases

Taguasco: 2 (no specified source of infection)
Sancti Spíritus: 1 (contact of confirmed cases)
Jatibonico: 1 (contact of confirmed cases)

Ciego de Avila: 4 cases

Morón: 1 (contact of confirmed cases)
Ciro Redondo: 1 (contact of confirmed cases)
Ciego de Ávila: 1 (contact of confirmed cases)
Majagua: 1 (no specified source of infection)

Camaguey: 9 cases

Camagüey: 5 (contacts of confirmed cases)
Nuevitas: 1 (contact of confirmed cases)
Santa Cruz del Sur: 1 (contact of confirmed cases)
Sierra de Cubitas: 1 (contact of confirmed cases)
Guaimaro: 1 (imported)

Las Tunas: 5 cases

Las Tunas: 3 (2 contacts of confirmed cases and 1 imported)
Colombia: 1 (contact of confirmed cases)
Jobabo: 1 (contact of confirmed cases)

Holguin: 22 cases

Holguín: 10 (1 contact of confirmed cases and 9 without a specified source of infection)
Gibara: 4 (no specified source of infection)
Rafael Freyre: 3 (contacts of confirmed cases)
Báguanos: 3 (contacts of confirmed cases)
Mayarí: 1 (contact of confirmed cases)
Urbano Noris: 1 (contact of confirmed cases)

Santiago de Cuba: 6 cases

Santiago de Cuba: 4 (1 contact of confirmed cases and 3 without a specified source of infection)
Palma Soriano: 2 (1 contact of confirmed cases and 1 without a specified source of infection)

Guantanamo: 2 cases

Guantánamo: 2 (contact of confirmed cases)

(With information from the MINSAP)

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