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The “opponents”

medicos matanzasWith millions of tax dollars, the U.S. government insists on fabricating lies to discredit Cuba and enlisting common criminals as “opponents” to attack authorities, while the vast majority of Cubans are mobilized to battle a new peak in the COVID epidemic

I could also call this short chronicle “mid-week news,” and that is why I will begin by highlighting some headlines in the Cuban press, those which go unnoticed by many agencies and media, including some that have accredited correspondents on the island.

“From the world to Matanzas: Doctors of the Henry Reeve Brigade”. The informative content of the article refers to the solidarity of our doctors, who, just as they are capable of providing help in the most remote locations of more than 100 countries, do the same in the province of Matanzas, where a peak in the pandemic has strained public health services, and strict protocols have been established to control and defeat the virus.

Let us remind those who want to exploit the presence of a new strain in the province, to advance an unethical political maneuver, that Matanzas was where the 1961 U.S. invasion at Playa Giron was defeated; boasts the country’s most important tourist resort; and has accomplished more than enough to certify the merits of its great people. In addition to the efforts of its own health workers, the expression “We are Cuba” is now becoming a concrete reality, have no doubt.

Another headline from Matanzas itself reads: “Antonio Guiteras Thermoelectric Plant synchronized to National Electric System.”

Regarding the country’s challenges in this arena, much has been fabricated on social networks and corporate media about “blackouts” in Cuba. Unfortunately, I have yet to read any real news, in these outlets, about the reasons for the difficulties at this and other power plants.

There is not a single paragraph that at least explains how difficult or impossible it is to acquire the necessary components to perform necessary and duly planned maintenance, or that reminds the world that Cuban electrical plants function with oil and derivatives which U.S. persecution denies Cuba, threatening and pressuring shippers to prevent the arrival of tankers to the island.

Another headline from the Cuban press states: “Clinical trial of Mambisa and Abdala with convalescent patients approved.”

For those in the neighboring empire that wants to destroy us, who do not know the meaning of these names, I limit myself to reminding them that they are two of Cuba’s five anti-Covid candidate vaccines, one of which, Abdala, has already been recognized as a vaccine.

This is only a part of what the country, its scientists, its health workers and government are doing, in daily efforts to guarantee the health of an entire people – including so-called opponents.

This, whether the neighbors to the North like it or not, is the life that continues in our country, life which they have attempted to deny is, delivering death with barbaric acts perpetrated over these 60 years, among them a genocidal blockade, military threats and invasions and attacks of all kinds, and sanctions that in the midst of a pandemic become the most criminal of actions taken by United States governments.

Within their territory, with millions of tax dollars, they insist on fabricating so-called “opponents” in most cases enlisting common criminals, repeat offenders of the law, unscrupulous individuals who attack authorities and the people with knives, stones, sticks and whatever they find in their path.

They call “opponents” those who break windows and doors at shopping centers, steal merchandise and destroy cars belonging to state institutions, as well as privately owned vehicles; insult and assault police officers, assault and attempt to damage institutional buildings and streets, among many other violent acts, violating the law and order, and challenging the stability and security of their fellow citizens.

It is curious, as well as repulsive, to see the festive use they make of their cell phones to record their acts of “opposition.”

And then, they are apparently so ignorant they do not realize that the same images they desperately upload to the internet provide the evidence to identify violators of the law and allow Cuba’s courts of justice to call them to responsible for their actions.
It is also repugnant that those who “hire” them for these “opposition” maneuvers offer them a few dollars for their contribution to overthrowing the “Cuban regime.” They become cheap mercenaries, and many of them, real terrorists.

I am sure that our people know how to identify them and have full confidence that our justice system will hold them accountable for these criminal acts, with the aggravating factors of their contribution to disseminating media slanders n the midst of a pandemic and promoting its proliferation.

I doubt they will continue to be called only “opponents” in court.

(Taken from Granma)

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