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Cuba condemns interference in Russia’s internal affairs


Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez on Monday condemned Western countries’ interference in Russia’s internal affairs and reaffirmed his solidarity with Russian authorities. Russia denounced the provocation orchestrated by the West, particularly the United States, after supporting protests organized by followers of opposition blogger Alexei Navalni, prosecuted in two court cases, in several cities of the country.

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Russia condemns Google blocking of Cuban accounts


The Russian Federation’s Foreign Ministry recently denounced Google’s blocking of this newspaper’s account and those of other Cuban news media by the U.S. digital media conglomerate Google. “The blocking of Granma newspaper, Mesa Redonda (television program) and Cubavisión Internacional.

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Communist Party of Russia honors Cuban leaders

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The Communist Party of the Russian Federation awarded commemorative medals on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Victory over Fascism to the first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, Raul Castro; President of the Republic Miguel Díaz-Canel; Second Secretary José Ramón Machado; President of the National Assembly, Esteban Lazo, and Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz.

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Cuba and Russia look to the future of bilateral relations with optimism

Fidel y Nikita

Russian-Cuban links have a long, fraternal history. Exchanges between our peoples dates back to the 18th century, when in 1782 the Russian doctor Fyodor Karzhavin arrived in Havana. After living in Cuba for two years, he came to agree with many of the principles that would later motivate Cubans to struggle for their independence from the Spanish colonial power. Official contact between Russia and the Republic of Cuba began in 1902, laying the foundation for bilateral relations between the two countries.

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Russia and Cuba sign largest contract in recent history and Putin accepts Diaz-Canel’s invitation to visit Cuba

canel y putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin accepted the invitation of his Cuban counterpart Miguel Diaz-Canel to visit our country, Russian Ambassador to Havana Andrei Guskov told Sputnik. The date for the trip “will be studied in terms of the head of state’s agenda, along with other high-level bilateral contacts,” Guskov added. During his trip to Russia last October, Díaz-Canel invited the Russian President to visit Cuba. Putin stated that he would surely take advantage of the invitation.

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Machado receives president of Just Russia Party

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The Second Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party, José Ramón Machado Ventura, received on Monday afternoon the President of A Just Russia Party, Sergei Mironov, who is conducting an official visit to our country. In the cordial meeting, the two expressed satisfaction with the development of relations between our two countries, and discussed topics on the international agenda, with special emphasis on the current situation in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Raúl meets President of Russian Federation Council

Raul Rusia

The first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee, Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, on November 16 received the president of the Federal Council of the Russian Federation’s Federal Assembly, Valentina Ivanovna Matvienko, who led her country’s delegation to celebrations for the 500th anniversary of Havana.

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Diaz-Canel and Putin emphasize excellent state of bilateral relations

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The President of the Republic of Cuba, Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, was received by the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, during an official visit to that country, as reported by CubaMinrex through its official Twitter account. Both leaders expressed their satisfaction given the excellent state of bilateral relations and the strength of ties shared by the two peoples and governments.

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Raúl receives Medvedev

Rauñl medevvev

Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee, this Thursday received the president of the Russian Federation government and the United Russia Party, His Excellency Dimitri Anatolievich Medvedev, who is conducting an official visit to our country.

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The President of the Russian Federation’s government arrives in Cuba

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The President of the Russian Federation’s government, the honorable Dimitri Anatólievich Medvedev, arrived today in Cuba, on an official visit to the country.

During his stay, the distinguished guest will hold official talks with the President of Cuba´s Councils of State and Ministers, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, and undertake a variety of other activities.