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Russian Defense Ministry handed over material evidence of US biomilitary programs in Ukraine


The day before, the Russian Defense Ministry said that it provided the Convention on Biological and Toxin Weapons (BTWC) based in Geneva, Switzerland, material evidence proving that the United States developed biomilitary programs in Ukraine.

“Between September 5 and 9, a summit was held in your country, convened after the US and Ukraine violated two articles of the CABT, and only representatives of 89 nations attended, of the 184 signatories, who received copies of the documents that demonstrate the execution of such acts”, explained the head of the Russian Radiological, Chemical and Biological Protection Forces, Igor Kirillov.

He also stated that none of those present doubted the authenticity of the documents provided, with data on the accumulation of pathogens in Ukrainian laboratories, including the Mechnikov Epidemic Research Institute, where dangerous biomaterials were housed in the cracks of the stairs and no control system had detected them.

“The Ukrainian side completely ignored questions about the unjustified storage of dangerous biological agents at the facility and the revealed serious violations of the conditions of their accumulation,” Kirilov said in this regard.

Likewise, the Russian side determined that despite the fact that the United States declared that its program in Ukraine sought to monitor infectious diseases by employing citizens belonging to the lower strata of society and patients with psychiatric pathologies, it was actually seeking to accumulate biological potential with military purposes.

“The explanations of the US and Ukraine were not at all convincing when it comes to the extraction of strains and biomaterials from Ukrainian citizens, as well as compliance with ethical standards when conducting studies on military, poor civilians, as well as one of the strata of most vulnerable population: patients in psychiatric clinics,” Kirillov stressed.

The Russian high command also reported that both the US and Ukraine refused to give explanations related to the urgent destruction of documents on biomilitary activities in Ukraine, and were also unable to prove that their collaboration in this area in the last 15 years improved the situation. healthcare of Ukraine.

The Russian side also referred to the pressure exerted by the US on the member countries of the BTWC, who were required to sign a joint declaration on the alleged peaceful nature of the program, aimed at reducing challenges of biological origin.

Russian proposals to strengthen the BTWC
The Russian soldier also said that his country has proposed three actions to strengthen the CABT, first of all a verification mechanism, the establishment of a scientific committee and the presentation of reports on foreign biological activities.

Likewise, Russia proposes to establish a collective scientific committee with geographical representation and equal rights for the participants, obeying the “principle of 10″, according to which agreements must respect alternative points of view, even if they are expressed by a single State.

Kirilov assured that Russia will take measures to closely monitor the situation, noting that the US builds laboratories on the borders of its opponents, collects strains of dangerous microorganisms in some regions and tests harmful substances on humans.

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