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Business Guide groups more than 370 thousand Cuban economic actors

0109guia-negocois-580x324Some 370,000 economic actors are grouped in the Cuban Business Guide (www., a directory that integrates all forms of management in the country, the result of an alliance between the National Association of Economists and Accountants of Cuba (ANEC), the Cuban Telecommunications Company (Etecsa) and the mipyme Dofleini S.R.L.

The platform has among its novelties the unique national classifier for all forms of economic management, something that did not exist in Cuba and that allows searching for institutions in a simpler and more homogenized way, the president of Dofleini S.R.L., Miguel Pérez, explained to the Granma newspaper. Kings.

For this, he added, the Guide has a classification of 18 categories that in turn have subcategories, with easy and useful concepts translated into the natural language of people.

In addition, this tool contains a space for pure local development projects, which includes those that do not have any economic source behind them, that is, that are not associated with companies or other forms of management with established legal personality. The Deputy Minister of Communications, Grisel Reyes León, also highlights among the main functionalities of this platform that provides job offer options and opportunities such as tenders, collaboration offers and investments.

Of the total number of economic actors that appear in the Guide, only 1,600 are active, which have had good results of work in this way, but a large number are not aware of the importance of this endeavor and another large percentage do not even know that it exists, commented the owner of Dofleini S.R.L.

The businessman pointed out that among the aspirations is to establish a correlation between the tax identification code and the state registration code of companies and budgeted units, so that a single Cuban business directory can be created, in which each business can be clearly identified. .

Pérez Reyes stressed that the business opportunities enabled on the platform are the option that will guide towards the much-needed productive chain, because in this way companies can publicize their productive and association needs.

Work is also being done, together with the Cuban Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, to materialize the specialized guide of importing and exporting companies, already present on the platform, with their space identified to build the exportable offer. Cuban, said the businessman.

He commented that until now, the most important thing about the Cuban Business Guide is the business directory, whose intention is to make it the place where all forms of management in the country have their space for natural promotion, not only to be chained among them. , but also to give visibility of your business to Cuban citizens.

He added that business models are currently being studied, and in this way offer values ​​above those that the Guide already has: better promote brands, do better searches, have a specialized website and a Cuba business subdomain, among other ideas that They will materialize over time.

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