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Clinical use of Combiovent, Cuba’s first high-performance lung ventilator, is authorized


The State Control Center for Medicines, Equipment and Medical Devices (Cecmed) has authorized the clinical use of Combiovent high-performance ventilation equipment, the first of its kind to be manufactured in the country, developed by the company Combiomed, owned by BioCubaFarma. This was announced on Tuesday -as part of the 15th health for all fair, which takes place at the Pabexpo exhibition center-, engineer Alejandro César González Urquiza, member of the team that developed the ‘device.

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Business Guide groups more than 370 thousand Cuban economic actors


Some 370,000 economic actors are grouped in the Cuban Business Guide (www., a directory that integrates all forms of management in the country, the result of an alliance between the National Association of Economists and Accountants of Cuba (ANEC), the Cuban Telecommunications Company (Etecsa) and the mipyme Dofleini S.R.L.
The platform has among its novelties the unique national classifier for all forms of economic management.

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Governance based on science and innovation for sustainable development


President Diaz-Canel co-authors article with Mercedes Delgado focused on innovation, information technology and the government’s role in integrating all social, economic and environmental dimensions of development, especially at the local level. More consistent growth, with an improved productive base, is an obligatory objective of government management in the pursuit of sustainable development for the present and future of Cubans.

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Everything to know to date about the four Cuban vaccine candidates against COVID-19


Cuba currently has four vaccine candidates in clinical trials. What are the characteristics of each one? What results have they produced so far? What steps is the country taking to confront the new strains of the SARS-CoV2 virus? To learn about these issues, the president of BioCubaFarma, the general director of the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, the general director of the Finlay Vaccine Institute.

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Cuba has confidence in its universities

canel tecnologia

President of the Republic Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez visited the José Antonio Echeverría Technological University in Havana (CUAJE) yesterday, and while interacting with students and professors commented, “Your experience … is like the “magical realism” of Carpentier, which seems so common to us that we can overlook the greatness of what we do every day. Just enduring the blockade every day… is huge. We need to share these things… position them on media networks; make them visible.”

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New horizons for science and innovation

cuna ciencia salud

Armando Rodríguez Batista, Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Environment (Citma), explained to Granma that these norms were the first of a much more comprehensive legal package which continues to be presented (Decree 2/2020 on Advanced Technology Enterprises, Decree Law 7/2020 and its complementary provisions), to guide implementation of policies to perfect Cuba’s science, technology and innovation system, approved by the Council of Ministers in October of 2018.

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Clinical trials of Mambisa and Abdala candidate vaccines approved

Biocubafarma vacuna

After a careful review of the information presented, including evidence from pharmaceutical development and studies in animals, the Center for the State Control of Drugs, Equipment and Medical Devices (Cecmed), authorized the clinical trials of two new Cuban candidate vaccines to prevent COVID-19, given the names of Mambisa (CIGB-669) and Abdala (CIGB-66). Trials of the first, created by researchers at the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Center (CIGB), affiliated with the BioCubaFarma Enterprise Group

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Cuba uses wave energy to support recovery of coastal ecosystem

cuidado de costas

A team of specialists from Cuba and Mexico has been able to show how a wave amplifier system can enhance a lagoon’s water exchange with the open sea, restore indicators of environmental health, and recover such coastal bodies of water in a short time, without exorbitant costs. Scientists involved believe that the Coastal Lagoons Water Renewal system, known as REALCO, installed for the first time in northern Ciego de Ávila, could benefit other aquatic ecosystems in Cuba and the Caribbean.

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Using waste from rice processing to generate energy

Cuba planta electricidad

Cuban experts, with advice from India, have set up a plant that will allow the use of rice husks to generate electricity. The work is being carried out at the Enrique Troncoso mill, the largest in the province, affiliated with the Los Palacios Agroindustrial Enterprise, where this new technology will make it possible to save more than 200 tons of diesel a year.

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Produce more, and better


The importance of applying science and technology in national industry investments, to allow for progress toward a sustainable, prosperous society, was reaffirmed during President Díaz-Canel’s policy implementation review meetings.