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Cuban businessmen strengthened relations in tourism business round in Havana


With some 400 agreements in the initial phase and more than 2,000 possible on the way, the 1st Business Round of the local business community with tourism, organized by the Government of the capital and the Tourism Delegation in the city, concluded this Thursday in Havana. It has been a profitable day, according to the exchanges held with participants of local development projects, entrepreneurs, MSMEs, state companies, cooperatives, creators, as well as those of the tourism system, said coordinator of programs that attends Relations Internationals.

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Mipyme from Mayabeque produces and markets buffalo milk derivatives

mipymes lacteos

The Lácteos Rojas microenterprise, the first of its kind in Cuba, is a venture that began in 2020 as a local development project. Then it would become an experiment for dairy mipymes, among 35 selected in the country. Located in the Güines municipality, in the Mayabeque province, the company markets products derived from buffalo milk, such as ice cream, yogurt and cheese.Productive linkages provide entrepreneurs with the availability of technologies, as well as the acquisition of buffalo milk and natural and tropical fruit pulp, for the preparation of assortments.

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Business Guide groups more than 370 thousand Cuban economic actors


Some 370,000 economic actors are grouped in the Cuban Business Guide (www., a directory that integrates all forms of management in the country, the result of an alliance between the National Association of Economists and Accountants of Cuba (ANEC), the Cuban Telecommunications Company (Etecsa) and the mipyme Dofleini S.R.L.
The platform has among its novelties the unique national classifier for all forms of economic management.

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Ministry of Economy and Planning approved 96 new economic actors


The Ministry of Economy and Planning (MEP) today approved 96 applications for the creation of micro, small and medium-sized private companies. With this decision, a total of 4,955 economic actors have been approved since the process began in September 2021. Of these, 4,846 are private MSMEs, 51 state MSMEs, and 58 non-agricultural cooperatives. By origin, 53% are reconversions of pre-existing businesses and 47% correspond to new ventures.

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Export as agile as possible?: The experience of Dofleini Software, the first official Cuban MSME


When in 2021 Dofleini Software became the first official Cuban MSME, its managers had the expectation of increasing the exports that they began under the umbrella of self-employment. Today, although every month they report sales and have accessed the Canadian, English, Spanish markets and “sometimes someone else joins in”, the aim is to make the process “as agile as possible”, without unnecessary mediators. This project, which offers the “specialized software development service in different areas”.