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Cuban businessmen strengthened relations in tourism business round in Havana

Habana-ronda-negocios-empresas-turismo-oct22With some 400 agreements in the initial phase and more than 2,000 possible on the way, the 1st Business Round of the local business community with tourism, organized by the Government of the capital and the Tourism Delegation in the city, concluded this Thursday in Havana.

It has been a profitable day, according to the exchanges held with participants of local development projects, entrepreneurs, MSMEs, state companies, cooperatives, creators, as well as those of the tourism system, said Luis Carlos Góngora, coordinator of programs that attends Relations Internationals and Foreign Investment in the government of Havana.

According to Góngora, the First Deputy Minister of Tourism, María del Carmen Orellana, who toured the exhibitions on the opening day, was able to appreciate diversity, potential and opportunities to achieve real linkages and agreements that truly allow this business community to grow in its productive and commercial capacity. and that it finds in tourism the recipient of that production, of those autochthonous products that tourism needs so much for its services and many of which today import from distant places and at a significant cost.

Of the 190 entities that participated, 181 reported that they had made some link with a tourism entity, showed 2,463 business intentions and entered into contracts, with the signing of some initial document, a total of 484, the government coordinator announced. .

In turn, Góngora highlighted the convenience of having a greater representation of the agricultural production sector participate, which, although it already has direct contracts with hotels, has a much higher potential, having more than thirty mini-industries for the processing of agricultural products. .

María del Pilar Macías Rutes, general director of Operations and Quality of the Ministry of Tourism, thanked the initiative and support of the Government of the capital for the organization of the round and pointed out that it is the first step to achieve then specify, make contracts and take In fact, what was discussed with the more than 90 tourism entities that participated.

As he expressed, there are many productions of the new forms of management that substitute imports and “we want to accompany them to sign contracts because in addition to substituting an import, the money generated by tourism then spills over to the national economy and does not leave the country. and that is one of the objectives of the tourism sector, to develop the industry”.

The General Director of Operations and Quality launched the invitation to participate in the Tourism Fair, which in 2023 will be held in Havana.

A few years ago, she said, to the actions in favor of her commercialization, she added a session of suppliers and finding national productions because they put us in better conditions to compete.

(Taken from Tribune of Havana)


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