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New Markets Open Up to Promote Tourism in Cuba


With the opening of new markets to promote tourism, the different private businesses in Cuba today increase their possibilities, according to official reports. A report on the initiative called Merca-Hostales points to two new establishments for these purposes, particularly for people who operate cheap hotels and need to make certain purchases for their proper functioning.

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Working toward more Cuban products in the tourism sector

ron mulata

The recently concluded International Tourism Fair (FITCuba 2018) marked record participation (3,000 participants from 62 nations). Through May 18, Cuba had received two million international visitors this year. The figures are promising, but they are no accident. Making Cuba an attractive, safe, and comfortable destination for its visitors, and ensuring a profitable tourism sector that in turn contributes to the development of the country, entails joint efforts.

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Cruise ship tourism on the rise


Cruise ship tourism is on the rise in Cuba. Last year the port of Havana received some 328,000 passengers, with 500,000 expected this 2018. Such figures reaffirm travelers’ confidence in Cuba as a safe and attractive tourist destination which – as of May 18, and despite the impact of Hurricane Irma, the tightening of the economic blockade imposed by the United States

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Successful investments on Villa Clara’s northern keys

Fidel casyos Villa Clara

Thanks to Fidel’s foresight, Cuba has a resort pole like Jardines del Rey, on the keys along Villa Clara’s northern coast, where the 38th International Tourism Fair FitCuba 2018 took place.

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New tourist offers presented in FitCuba 2018

Cuba turismo

International tourist arrivals worldwide have been steadily rising by about 3.5-4% over recent years. In Cuba, this figure had reached 16.2% by the end of 2017, representing not only a record for the island but also the difference between the growth of the sector in Cuba as compared to the rest of the Caribbean.

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Security, the key to tourist development in Cuba


Tour operators, travel agencies, directors of airlines, journalists and representatives of the world’s top hotel chains, attending the International Tourism Fair (FITCuba 2018) – taking place in Cayo Santa María, highlighted the quality of Cuba’s leisure products and potential as a tourist destination.

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Havana’s Gran Manzana Kempinscki Hotel awarded architecture prize


The Gran Manzana Kempinscki Hotel won the Versailles continental prize for architecture, in a ceremony held recently in Santiago de Chile, during which awards were also presented to outstanding stores, restaurants and shopping centers, reports Prensa Latina.

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Key Santa María, Host of FITCuba 2018

turismo cuba-cayo-santamaria

The 38th International Tourism Fair of Cuba (FITCuba 2018) will have at the beginning of May a very particular scenario claimed today by travelers worldwide for their vacations: Key Santa Maria. Located in Cuba’s north-central coastline, it is one of the most attractive proposals of Cuban tourism, understandably in fashion, due to its beauties and infrastructure.

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Cuba Ready for International Tourism Fair FITCUBA

FitCuba-2018-2 (1)

Cuban authorities are arranging the preparations for the International Tourism Fair, FitCuba 2018, to be held from May 2 to 6 in the northern keys of Villa Clara province. The organizing committee of the event, the major fair of the national tourism industry, ‘holds a follow-up meeting of the event,’ the Cuban Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR) posts on its Facebook account today.

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The 60 Years of Tryp Habana Libre Hotel

hotel-habana-libre - copia

With the most central location in Cuba, the Tryp Habana Libre hotel turns 60 years old today, apart from exhibiting a very special value, cosmopolitanism. Managed in its beginnings by the U.S. chain Hilton, it is now under the tutelage of the Spanish Sol Meliá, and always since 1959 as Cuban property.