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Tourism in Sancti Spíritus puts its foot on the accelerator

Memories-Trinidad-del-Mar-4-foto-oscar-alfonso-acn-580x360The tourist operation in the province of Sancti Spíritus recovers progressively. The symptoms of this revival are evident: the number of national and foreign visitors who return to hotel facilities and rental houses is growing as confirmation of the takeoff of services and also of a fundamental activity for the advancement of the Cuban economy.

During the months of July and August —coinciding with the summer season— the presence of tourists increases, particularly in the city of Trinidad. To the offers of sun and beach are added the attractions of its built heritage, traditions and cultural values ​​that are gradually awakening after the parenthesis imposed by the pandemic.

National and foreign visitors recognize the attractions of the city of Trinidad, where accommodation services and other offers are recovered. Photo: Ana Martha Panadés/Escambray.

From the Delegation of the Ministry of Tourism (Mintur) in Sancti Spíritus, management behavior is monitored. “In the hotel facilities that provide services today, mostly located in the southern town, there is an ascending line in the arrival of vacationers since the reopening in mid-November 2021,” Ana Luisa Borges González, Territorial specialist, commented to Escambray. Policy that attends the commercial area.

At the forefront of the tourist operation in the state sector are the hotels belonging to the Trinidad-City Complex, including Las Cuevas, La Ronda and La Calesa, which reach more than 50 percent occupancy during this vacation stage; while the Iberostar Heritage Grand Trinidad and the Mystique La Popa, both with a Five Star category, also increased the number of guests.

The Hotel Memories Trinidad in the Ancón Peninsula achieves high rates of occupancy and customer satisfaction, particularly in the national market. Photo: Juan Carlos Naranjo.

In the Ancón Peninsula, the Memories Trinidad del Mar is positioned among the best 20 hotels according to the tourist site TripAdvisor. The installation managed by the Blue Diamond Chain enjoys the preference of the national market with high levels of customer satisfaction.

According to Mayelín Ferrer Espinosa, delegate of Cubanacán in Sancti Spíritus, the positive indicators are the result of the work carried out in the commercial area with travel agencies and tour operators, which recognize the quality standards in tourist services.

“In the summer, the main issuing markets include Spain, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy, with which all the indicators are exceeded. The most important challenge is to achieve stability and variety in the supplies to meet the expectations of the guests”, added the official.

The non-state sector is also warming up and 1,119 private businesses in the province updated their licenses, now as hostels with accommodation and food services. According to the commercial specialist of the Mintur, 115,386 tourists/day have spent the night in rental houses; and of this figure, just over 1,000 are Cubans who bet on one of the most beautiful destinations on the island.

In the summer months the arrival of tourists to Trinidad has grown, among the most beautiful destinations on the island. Photo: Ana Martha Panadés/Escambray.

During the stage, improvements have been made in the rooms and services, in addition to reviving the gardening of the hotel plant and beach areas. “We are working towards the next high season, in which favorable results are expected from the incorporation and stability of flights from Europe, with which new options and circuits can be added to tourist operations,” said Ferrer Espinosa.

(Taken from Escambray)

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