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Business Guide groups more than 370 thousand Cuban economic actors


Some 370,000 economic actors are grouped in the Cuban Business Guide (www., a directory that integrates all forms of management in the country, the result of an alliance between the National Association of Economists and Accountants of Cuba (ANEC), the Cuban Telecommunications Company (Etecsa) and the mipyme Dofleini S.R.L.
The platform has among its novelties the unique national classifier for all forms of economic management.

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Cuba has not renounced economic growth of approximately 6%

Cuba industria desarrollo

Despite the ravages of the blockade and the impact of COVID-19, Cuba has not renounced economic growth of approximately 6% in 2021, reported Alejandro Gil Fernandez, deputy prime minister and head of Economy and Planning, in an update on the economy’s performance in the first four months of the year. He pointed out that the Gross Domestic Product declined in 2020 on the order of 11%.

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Human development key at local level

La Habana Cuba

Mobilizing territorial creativity, using knowledge, science and innovation in line with local needs, based on an intersectoral and transdisciplinary vision, was identified and scientifically validated as a key strategy by Party First Secretary and President of the Republic of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez. Undoubtedly, local development is today a public policy of strategic importance, with the Constitution itself codifying the autonomy and legal personality of provinces and municipalities, with a view toward promoting economic and social dynamics.

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The Party increasingly involved in all processes

cuba agricultura

The Party must be increasingly closer to and involved in all processes, in both the production and service arenas. The route to making life more similar to what we want is through our ties with the people, and untapped potential exists, stated Roberto Morales Ojeda, Party Political Bureau member and secretary of Organization and Cadre Policy. Speaking on the Mesa Redonda television program, focused on Party efforts giving continuity to agreements reached at its 8th Congress.

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Behind the neon lights of 1950s Cuba

niña foto Korda

Whenever the media at the service of the U.S. government, the corporate press or the network of counterrevolutionary digital sites refer to pre-1959 Cuba, they paint a picture of a country that never was. They present a magazine photo, something fit for commercial advertising, and since they are desperately attempting to sell us a return to that “golden era,” they must get rid of everything in their way, sweeping away, one by one, all the steps taken by the Revolution.

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Thirty-five COVID-19 landmarks in Cuba

Cuba vacunas estudios

Between March 11, 2020 and the same day in 2021, so many events have transpired – so many unprecedented – that what we have experienced is beyond the capacity of these newspaper pages. But we are alive, and confident that the day will come when there will be no deaths, no one in serious condition, no one infected. Hope lies in massive immunization of the population and in the power of solidarity, thus we propose a summary of what has happened in Cuba as this period draws to a close.

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Cuban agriculture seeks greater hydraulic exploitation


Cuba seeks to increase the exploitation of hydraulic infrastructure by using efficient irrigation techniques, the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG) announced on Monday. A report from that entity also states, as part of the tasks related to that objective, ensuring the training and assignment of the technical personnel to attend the mechanization.

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Governance based on science and innovation for sustainable development


President Diaz-Canel co-authors article with Mercedes Delgado focused on innovation, information technology and the government’s role in integrating all social, economic and environmental dimensions of development, especially at the local level. More consistent growth, with an improved productive base, is an obligatory objective of government management in the pursuit of sustainable development for the present and future of Cubans.

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Cuba seeks to grow 23 percent in bioproducts


Cuba is striving this year to manufacture 6,255.72 kiloliters of 18 types of bioproducts, accounting for a 23-percent growth compared to previous results, according to the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG). Such a figure will benefit 690,000 hectares of crops, 100,000 more than in 2020, MINAG specified. The use of bioproducts makes it possible to substitute part of chemical fertilizer and pesticide imports.

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Investments to expand production of bioproducts in Cuba

Inversiones biootecnologia

Rooted in Fidel’s wisdom, like almost everything good between heaven and earth in Cuba, the use of bioproducts in agriculture dates back to the 1990s, when four production plants, located in the municipalities of Güira de Melena, Güines, Matanzas and Sancti Spíritus, saw the light of day under the guidance of our Comandante en jefe. Engineer Teobaldo Cruz Méndez, lead investment specialist at the Labiofam State Enterprise Management Group (OSDE).