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Cuban agriculture seeks greater hydraulic exploitation

cuba-riegoCuba seeks to increase the exploitation of hydraulic infrastructure by using efficient irrigation techniques, the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG) announced on Monday.

A report from that entity also states, as part of the tasks related to that objective, ensuring the training and assignment of the technical personnel to attend the mechanization, irrigation, drainage and water supply activities to the animals.

According to the document, among the main actions, some 1,150 pumping equipment with photovoltaic solar energy were introduced and put into operation, in order to guarantee the provision of this liquid to the animals.

About 15 road brigades were also established and field improvements and irrigation systems for the rice program were implemented.

Other measures are the integration of collaboration projects and donations with the national industry, for the use of the available capacities in the manufacture of agricultural machinery and irrigation, drainage and water supply to the animals.

(Taken from Prensa Latina)

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