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Cuba’s talent for rebirth

cartel cuba viva

The year 2020 obliged us to reinvent ourselves and much can said about this. There will be talk, for example, of Eladio, the man in overalls who did not miss a single work day, and of Enrique, the policeman who supervised, and continues to supervise, lines outside neighborhood stores, like so many others.
We will talk about Esperanza, the nurse, and the students who accompany her every day on her epidemiological monitoring rounds.

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Simply, Celia


It is hard not to remember, today, on the 41st anniversary of her death, the young woman who organized life-saving support for the Granma expeditionaries; who became the first to wear olive green in the Sierra; and left her imprint on so much of the Revolution’s work
Our national flag at half mast, a gray Friday and rain in the capital, were the prelude to the terrible news that no one wanted to hear on that January 11, 1980.

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The independence of the “last to know”

german journalist

In Full Metal Jacket, Stanley Kubrick’s film about Vietnam, there is a scene in which the U.S. officer dealing with the press during the war gives the journalists instructions on how to cover events in the field. The slightest slip-up is unacceptable, including anything from photographing a singer or actress on hand to lift the spirits of the troops, to the exact word for each type of person on the U.S. or enemy side, like those fleeing the war who are to be called “evacuees” or “refugees.”

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Cuba began demanding negative PCR from international travelers


Cuba began demanding from today on a negative PCR test for Covid-19 to travelers coming from abroad, carried out by a certified laboratory in the country of origin to curb an ascending trend of new cases. According to official sources, this test must be done in a maximum period of 72 hours before the arrival to national territory. Upon arrival, individuals must present a certificate to the International Health Control authorities stating that they are ‘negative for Covid-19′.

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Foreign investment in Cuba, a crucial bet for development

cuba inversiones

Faced with a very challenging scenario, Cuba insists decisively on attracting foreign capital for development, Director of Foreign Investment at the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment, Carlos Luis Jorge, told Prensa Latina.Despite specialized sources predicting a fall of more than 40 percent in investment flows at a global level, and a hardened U.S. blockade to malign its image, the island redoubles efforts to attract foreign direct investments (FDI).

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Abdala vaccine clinical trial is going well in Cuba


Abdala vaccine clinical trial is going well in CubaSantiago de Cuba, Jan 9 (Prensa Latina) The clinical trial of the vaccine candidate Abdala, one of the four underway in Cuba, is going well today at the Saturnino Lora Hospital in this eastern city, where it has been taking place for the last month. Dr. Rafael Suárez, director of the healthcare center, reported that the intramuscular application of the preparation for immunization against Covid-19 has hardly presented adverse reactions, mainly associated with discomfort in the area of ​​the puncture.

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Cuba and Iran sign an agreement on Sovereign vaccine 02


Cuban Finlay Vaccines Institute and the Pasteur Institute of Iran signed a collaboration agreement here to complement the clinical evidence of the anti-Covid-19 vaccine candidate from the Caribbean island, Soberana02. In its official Twitter account, the Cuban entity explained that ‘this synergy will allow faster progress in immunization against the SARS-CoV-2 virus in both countries.’

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Cuba reports higher number of Covid-19 cases


Cuba on Saturday reported 365 new Covid-19 cases, the highest number for one day, for a total of 14,188 diagnosed with the disease since the beginning of the pandemic across the country. Out of the new cases, 269 were contacts of previously confirmed cases, totalling 10,594 infected people in more than 10 months. As stated

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Cuba´s President thanks Chinese people and government´s solidarity

cuba-china-donacion1 300

Cuba´s President Miguel Díaz-Canel on Saturday thanked the Chinese people and government for their solidarity, after a recent donation of 38 ventilators.
Miguel Díaz-Canel tweeted that ‘China donates 38 lung ventilators to Cuba. Our gratitude (…) for its permanent solidarity and faithful friendship.’ On Friday, the First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Marcelino Medina and the Chinese Ambassador in Cuba Chen Xi signed the certificate of donation delivery.

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The caravan is a symbol of Cuba’s conquest of freedom

fidel habana

This January 8, the Cuban people will again experience the euphoria, genuine gratitude and love for those who, with Fidel as the undisputed leader of the Revolution in the lead, reaffirmed the promise of a free Homeland and travelled across the island proclaiming hope for a more just Cuba in 1959. Today Fidel enters Havana in a caravan of young people who revere the history of a consummated victory. Yesterday, the town of Madruga, in the province of Mayabeque.