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Cuban Civil Aeronautics reports on incident with aircraft destined for fumigation work

AviónOn Friday, October 21, 2022, an AN-2 type aircraft, identified with flight CNI 400, registration CU A1885, belonging to the National Air Services Company (ENSA), took off from the ENSA Base Economic Unit in Sancti-Spíritus, at 07:00 a.m., bound for the “El Cedro” runway, to carry out agricultural fumigation work. After completing its second application flight, the aircraft, piloted by the captain on board Rubén Martínez Machado, did not return to the runway.

A note released by the Cuban Civil Aeronautics explains that Martínez Machado, a native of Santa Clara, had License 3060, valid until October 30, 2022.

Media outlets report that the aircraft arrived in US territory yesterday morning; however, to date, the Cuban civil aviation authorities have not received official notification from the United States Agencies.

Acts of air piracy constitute crimes defined in various international conventions, ratified by Cuba and the United States. This fact represents a violation of Cuban airspace, operational safety and aeronautical regulations, in correspondence with the Annexes of the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago Convention), adds the published information.

The Cuban civil aviation authorities continue to investigate the details of the incident based on the available information.

(Taken from Granma)

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