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Cuban women are the daughters of a free, indomitable homeland

Cartel mujer

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the Federation of Cuban Women congratulates all women, calling for commemorations of the date, despite the difficult conditions created by COVID-19. In a message released on the occasion of International Women’s Day, the National Secretariat of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) congratulated all women in the country and called for commemorations of the date, despite the difficult conditions created by COVID-19.

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Governance based on science and innovation for sustainable development


President Diaz-Canel co-authors article with Mercedes Delgado focused on innovation, information technology and the government’s role in integrating all social, economic and environmental dimensions of development, especially at the local level. More consistent growth, with an improved productive base, is an obligatory objective of government management in the pursuit of sustainable development for the present and future of Cubans.

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Cuba does not forget

La coubre

In memory of the hundreds killed, injured and orphaned by the explosion of a French steamship on March 4, 1960, yesterday morning Party and Havana government authorities gathered at the La Coubre Docks to honor the victims. On March 4, 1961, during the commemoration of the first anniversary of the sabotage of the French steamship La Coubre, Comandante en jefe Fidel Castro Ruz stated: “When the ship La Coubre exploded, leaving that Dantesque toll of workers and soldiers torn apart by the criminal sabotage, our enemies were warning us of the price they would demand of us.

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Cuban baseball to participate in Caribbean Cup

Cuba baseball

The Cuban Baseball Federation has expressed interest in participating in the third edition of the Caribbean Baseball Cup, to be held in Curaçao next April. Higinio Vélez, head of the organization, told Jit that the tournament will include teams from Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Panama, Peru, Chile and Aruba. Ernesto Reinoso, national baseball Commissioner, reported that the Cuban team will include members of the pre-selection group to be designated with semifinals currently underway.

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Cuban Foreign Minister: “Globalize solidarity and cooperation”

Bruno ALBA

During the March 1 meeting of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America’s Political Council, Bruno Rodríguez called for the defense of peace and implementation of integrated policies in the region with human needs as the priority. Cuba’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, called for the defense of the right to peace and implementation of integrated policies in the region, with human needs as the priority, rather than economic gain or dubious political advantages, during his remarks, March 1, at the XXI Political Council of the Bolivarian Alliance.

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Soberana 02, the first Latin American vaccine in phase III trials


The Center for State Control of Medicines, Equipment and Medical Devices (Cecmed) has authorized the initiation of phase III clinical trials of the Soberana 02 candidate vaccine, after a rigorous analysis of the documentation submitted by the Finlay Vaccine Institute on findings gathered thus far. President of the Republic of Cuba Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez yesterday also posted a tweet noting that phase III clinical trials were at hand for Soberana 02 and Abdala, in Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Guantánamo, with more than 85,000 volunteers.

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Soberana 02, a primeira vacina latino-americana a avançar para a fase III

cuba cvacuna soberana

O Centro de Controle Estatal de Medicamentos, Equipamentos e Dispositivos Médicos (Cecmed), autorizou o início da fase III dos testes clínicos da vacina candidata Soberana 02, após rigorosa análise da documentação apresentada pelo Instituto Finlay de Vacinas. Anteriormente, o presidente da República de Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, publicou na quarta-feira, 3 de março, em sua conta no Twitter.

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Pérez Ureta, goodbye to a master


The first cinematographer in Cuba to win the National Film Award is the architect, in images, of a good number of Cuban films that remain forever in the imagination of viewers. Starting from scratch, film after film, Raúl Pérez Ureta got better, working to become an essential director of photography, to whose death, at 79 years of age, we can only respond by putting a hand to the chest and taking a long bow.

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Cuba fights a necessary war every day to defend our sovereignty

Cuba pueblo artistas

February 24 did not acquire its relevance in the annals of history solely as the day the Mambises returned to the battlefield, but as a result of lessons learned in the process, especially the need for unity. Necessary, nothing more, because no other descriptor was needed. There was no need for any other adjective, no need to use any other word. This word was more than enough. Because what is necessary is what cannot be postponed, that which is crucial, unavoidable.

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The other victory

Fidel artistas

Fidel’s “Words to the intellectuals” in 1961 forged consensus among the country’s artists and intellectuals, another great victory against internal enemies, sectarianism, intolerance and dogmatism. I admire the consistency between Fidel’s words, his actions and the subsequent work of the Revolution – the possibilities Cuba has created for the development of artists and intellectuals.