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The Revolution’s strength is the terrorists’ worse punishment

barbados terrorismo

The perpetuators of the Barbados crime died with impunity, rewarded and encouraged. They spoke brazenly of their cold-blooded acts, under the protection of the “liberties” provided by the empire, a paradise for criminals. What thoughts, what images, what sensations filled their thoughts, minutes before the explosion: The longed-for homeland? Havana laid out before their eyes, to be admired from the plane’s windows as it descended to the runway?

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Cuba’s prestige buries U.S. maneuvers in World Health Organization

pn american

Our country’s election to the PAHO Executive Committee, along with Surinam and Brazil, was supported by all member states, except the United States, reflecting respect for Cuban Public Health and the failure of desperate imperialist maneuvers. Neither the United States’ defamatory campaign to discredit and obstruct Cuban medical cooperation, nor its financial extortion of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) could prevent Cuba from being elected to the Executive Committee of the regional body for a three-year term.

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To export, first produce with quality

Alimentos Villa clara

It is difficult to find an international visitor in Santa Clara who does stop by the Bormey Peanut House. Before the current pandemic, hundreds arrived every day, determined to purchase the delicious nougat sold there, to take to friends and relatives abroad.
Those with a sweet tooth in nations like Spain and Antigua & Barbuda, among others, will soon be able to purchase the famous peanut bars and other products based on the tasty, nutritious groundnut, without having to board a plane.

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The blockade has been tightened to an unprecedented, criminal level

pintura Bloqueo

In view of the effects caused of economic persecution by the United States government, with the blockade tightened to an unprecedented, criminal level, the second secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee, José Ramón Machado Ventura, stated in this city that production of the food the country requires, despite limited availability of inputs, is key to mitigating the effects of hostile U.S. policy. Presiding a review of agricultural programs being implemented in the province, Machado Ventura insisted on optimum use of all resources.

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40 contracts signed by Cuban exporters with non-state producers

Cuba exportaciones

“Since the effective date, more than a month ago, of rules governing relations between companies specializing in foreign trade services and non-state forms of management, 40 contracts have been signed to carry out some type of operation, in accordance with the country’s strategy approved to boost the national economy and place all players on an equal footing.” This is the news reported to Granma by Vivian Herrera, General Director of Foreign Trade at the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment (Mincex)

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Cuban music and musicians shine in Latin Grammys

Changui guantanamero

Cuban music and musicians garnered most of the nominations in the 2020 Latin Grammy’s Best Traditional Tropical Album category, announced September 29. Of the five phonograms competing, three feature groups from the island and two are from Cuba’s Egrem studios, but all are connected to the cultural resources that have made Cuba one of the most fertile territories in the continent’s musical tradition. ‘Este es nuestro changüí,’ recorded at Egrem’s Siboney Studios in Santiago de Cuba, founded 40 years ago.

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Presidential elections in the United States 2020: new poll of the Cuban-American vote


Only one month remains before the new president who will occupy the White House in January 2021 is elected. To date, Democratic candidate Joe Biden leads his Republican contender Donald Trump by an average of 7.8 points in the intention to vote in the polls. of national opinion. According to the specialized portal Real Clear Politics, 50.5% of those surveyed indicated that they would vote for Biden, while 42.7 would vote for Trump.

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Medical brigade that worked in Dominica returns to Cuba


The Cuban medical brigade that served in the Commonwealth of Dominica in the confrontation with Covid-19 will return to Cuba this Sunday, after six months of solidarity work in that neighboring country. The group made up of 35 health specialists from the internationalist Henry Reeve contingent treated 4,627 patients, saved 52 lives and carried out 23,997 nursing procedures.

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Biden extends lead less than a month before election, polls show


Democratic candidate Joe Biden reached his widest lead in the last month of his presidential race after Donald Trump tested positive for COVID-19, and most Americans believe the Republican could have avoided the infection if he had taken the virus more seriously, according to a Reuters / Ipsos survey. The national opinion poll, conducted Oct. 2-3 and released Sunday, gave little indication of strong support for the president beyond the core group of Trump supporters

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Trump puts his security forces at risk and leaves the hospital to greet followers


President Donald Trump wanted to show on Sunday that he is recovering from Covid-19 by briefly showing himself to his followers, an exit too risky for the other occupants of the vehicle, according to medical experts, a day before the possible return of the president to the House White. Surprisingly, a caravan of black vehicles emerged outside the Walter Reed Hospital and from one of the Trump cars, wearing a mask, greeted his supporters gathered outside that establishment on the outskirts of Washington.