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Technology for the conservation of marine protected areas


Yadira Torres Olarriaga, conservation specialist at the National Flora and Fauna Enterprise, speaking to the Cuban News Agency (ACN), explained that the first oceanographic buoy, intended to collect data of great scientific interest, has been installed at the Jardines de la Reina National Park, in the province of Ciego de Ávila.

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The fearless Haydée and Melba

Melba y Haydee

Melba Hernández Rodríguez and Haydée Santamaría Cuadrado participated in the July 26 assaults on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Garrisons, for which they were imprisoned. The writer and journalist Raúl Valdés Vivó used to call them the “fearless flowers”, evoking the long nights the two heroines suffered in the basement of the Moncada Garrison, listening to the screams of the tortured, the bursts of gunfire signalling the cold-blooded murder of their compañeros, surrounded by death.

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Fidel’s contribution to liberation struggles highlighted in Bolivia

Fidel entre nosotros

Various speakers highlighted the contributions made by the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution to the peoples’ liberation struggles and the fight for peace and social justice, during a symposium in honor of his 90th birthday. Some 1,000 participants attended the conference “The ideas of Fidel, a historic legacy for humanity,” held July 26, in the auditorium of the Central Bank of Bolivia, located in La Paz’s historic center.

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The struggle to temper the social costs of development

Vietnam escuela

If there is one country that has experience in eliminating poverty, it is Vietnam. The Southeast Asian nation is admired for its recovery following a devastating war, which has seen over 25 million people taken out of poverty in less than 20 years. Thanks to the implementation of the “Renovation” policy (Doi Moi), launched in 1986, the country experienced countless economic successes and is today reforming its strategies to become an industrialized country.

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Cuban youth honor Comandante Hugo Chávez

Hugo y Fidel

With the assurance that Hugo Chávez lives on and the struggle continues, as much remains to be done, Cuban youth will celebrate what would have been the late Bolivarian leader’s 62nd birthday this July 28. As part of tributes, encounters will take place, as have been held over the past three years, since 2013, organized by the Young Communist League (UJC) in collaboration with other Cuban youth and student movements and organizations as part of the cultural initiative Los amigos del Amigo (The Friends of the Friend).

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More efficient rice production

planta pinar del rio

With the installation of a modern drying plant, capable of processing 37 tons of rice per day, the province of Pinar del Río has put an end to the need to transport grain harvested across four western municipalities a distance of over 150 kilometers, to the Los Palacios Agro-industrial Grain Enterprise (EAIG), at the other extreme of the province.

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Promising research results

resultados estudios medula

This discovery now means that the next phase of clinical trails on humans can take place. If successful and the neuro-protective qualities of JM-20 are proven, this could lead to the creation of the first product with effective therapeutic properties to treat the condition and its associated effects. The molecule and its derivatives are protected under a 100% national patent.

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More than 35,000 Hondurans deported from the U.S. this year

Honduras emigrantes

More than 35,000 undocumented Honduran immigrants have been deported from the United States so far this year, both by land and air, as revealed on July 25 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Central American country. According to the ministry, citing figures from the Honduras Consular and Migration Observatory, in 2015, 75,785 Hondurans were deported from U.S .territory, as reported by the daily Proceso Digital.

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A white bird soars through time

Fidel Guayasamin

ALTHOUGH the universally acclaimed Ecuadorian painter Oswaldo Guayasamín reiterated in multiple interviews that he only knew how to paint, many of his comments, jealously safeguarded at the foundation which bears his name, indicate the contrary. He was humanist, a thinker, from the canvas to the word.
The artist has no way at all to avoid his era, since it is his only opportunity

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Our people deserve all the effort and joy we can offer them

Delegacion Río de Janeiro

On July 25, following the departure of a good part of the Cuban delegation to the Río de Janeiro Olympic Games, Dr. Antonio Becali Garrido, president of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (Inder) and head of the Cuban delegation to the international event, spoke with Granma.