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Cuba bids farewell to Rosita Fornés


The Ministry of Culture published a message on social media stating that Rosita, our 2001 National Prize for Theater winner, honored with many other distinctions and recognitions, will always be remembered by the public she charmed around the world and especially by the people of Cuba. “We offer our condolences to family, friends, and your great audience.”

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Nine desalination plants to provide access to drinking water

agua desalinacion

The National Institute of Water Resources (INRH) plans to complete construction of nine desalination plants this year, which will supply drinking water to communities with high levels of salt in their water tables. According to Fernando Perez Gomez, INRH director of Infrastructure and Investment, the project has financing of over $3.6 million pesos, and will operate with German technology.

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Raul leads Political Bureau meeting to analyze proposals for post-COVID-19 recovery period

Canel Raul covid reunion

Chaired by its First Secretary, Army General Raul Castro Ruz, the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee met yesterday, June 9, to analyze proposals regarding the post-COVID-19 recovery period in the country, including a set of measures to be implemented in the three phases that the first stage of this gradual process includes. This issue will also be examined today, Wednesday, in an extraordinary session of the Council of Ministers.

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The murder of George Floyd impacts the world of culture

EEUU prtestas floyd

Musicians, writers, actors, screenwriters, painters, designers, graffiti artists: the artistic community in the United States has not only sent a clear message repudiating the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer, but is demanding justice and reparations following the brutal event. These expressions are echoed by citizens of diverse ethnic backgrounds and skin colors, indicating growing awareness of an evil deeply rooted in the U.S. social system.

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You have shown the world a truth that Cuba’s enemies have attempted to silence and distort: the strength of Cuban medicine!

canel discurso medicos italia

“Just a few minutes ago, members of the task force that has been leading our actions to confront the pandemic concluded a meeting, and a group of compañeros have remained here, to participate in this remote reception, which we will make more intimate once you have completed the quarantine; but we did not want to violate protocols the country has established to avoid transmission of the pandemic.”

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The homeland opens its heart

medicos llegada italia

The applause, with which Cuban doctors are rewarded every night for their tireless battle against the virus that threatens us today, rang out June 8, two hours earlier, as the 52 members of the Henry Reeve medical brigade, who departed for Lombardy last March 21, set foot on Cuban soil. Their mission would be the first in Europe undertaken by the contingent Fidel founded, allowing Cuba to illuminate the most dreary corners of the world with our health professionals.

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A country’s embrace awaits

medicos italia recibimiento

Thinking “Here we are,” “It’s up to me,” and “These are my people,” Cuban doctors arrived in Italy a little more than two months ago to touch the pain, to help and survive the catastrophe the coronavirus created in an already battered world. Our medical brigades leave a trail of love wherever they go, where healing is hard and most necessary, where others do not wish to dirty their hands.

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Cuban doctors welcomed for good reason

Cuba medicos exterior

In all countries where Cuban doctors are working, may arrive, or will arrive by intergovernmental agreement, the same chorus of intolerant, conservative voices and anonymous “trolls” can be heard, angrily denouncing their presence on social media. The pattern is being repeated in Peru, since the official signing of an agreement to receive Cuban health professionals here. The arguments are the same as those used in other countries: quotes from Oppenheimer, accusations of slavery, questioning of the doctors’ medical qualifications.

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Cuba salutes Ministry of the Interior

ministerio interior aniversario

Army General Raul Castro Ruz, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee sent a message conveying congratulations to the Ministry of the Interior (Minint) on the occasion of the institution’s 59th anniversary, describing its history as glorious. Raul highlighted the Ministry as “a bastion of state Security, citizen tranquility and internal order,” and reaffirmed his confidence that current work honors

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What can we expect this hurricane season?

huracanes temporaDA

The hurricane season officially began June 1, in our geographical area of interest, which includes the tropical Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, and ends November 30. Meteorology enthusiasts have seen seasonal forecasts on social media issued by various institutions abroad, referring to the probable number of cyclonic organisms to be expected in 2020, with the peculiarity of the emergence in May of extemporaneous tropical storms Arthur and Bertha.