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“A doctor is only a slave to his humanistic vocation”, letter from a Cuban doctor in Venezuela

medicos-cubanos-10-580x307Caracas, May 15 2019


As a health professional trained by the revolution in the teachings of Marti, Che and Fidel, I believe in altruism, humanism and internationalism, which constitute the essence of medical education in my country, applying what the Apostle will express: “Helping those in need is not only part of duty, it is part of happiness”.


Thousands of collaborators fulfill the internationalist duty in all Venezuelan geography and the difficulties don’t stop the fulfillment of our mission, having voluntariness as a principle.


As a doctor of the Parish “La Candelaria”, I work in the Promotion of Health and the Prevention of Diseases, in the vaccination, humanized childbirth, attention of the population and we carry out Health Days in the zones with a greater need of medical attention.


The peoples of Our America and the rest of the world must know that my humanist and supportive vocation, interested only in improving the health of the population we serve, regardless of political affiliation, race or religious creed, will always be there for them.


The internationalist commitment that we health professionals assume by graduating from Cuban Medical Universities will continue to be fulfilled wherever it is needed, because a doctor is only a slave to his or her humanist vocation.





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