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Interventional cardiology bets on development: First minimal access percutaneous aortic valve implanted in Cuba


This time there is no “open heart” surgery. The multidisciplinary team that enters the surgical unit of the Institute of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery (ICCC) around 10:30 am on October 31 knows the steps, has reviewed them with precision. In severe cases of degenerative aortic stenosis—or what is the same, the narrowing of the valve in the large blood vessel that originates from the heart (aorta) and does not allow the valve to open completely.

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Cuban Prime Minister received the Minister of Public Security of Vietnam


The member of the Political Bureau and Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz, received this Thursday, at the Palace of the Revolution, the Minister of Public Security of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, To Lam, who is visiting Cuba, heading the a delegation from this sister country. At the meeting, the Cuban head of government recalled his recent stay in the Indochinese nation, as part of his first tour of Asia as Prime Minister.

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The village


Some time ago some Cuban artists launched proclamations on their social networks supporting the people, specifically for the events of 11J. They talked about the people, who were next to him. That the suffering of the people, that the people come first, that the people are the most sacred, that the people do this, that the people do that… Today Pinar del Río, Isla de la Juventud, Artemisa, Mayabeque and Havana have suffered from the devastating passage of a hurricane, with Pinar being the most affected region.

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Religious and activists from 23 nations ask to remove Cuba from the list of State sponsors of terrorism


About 300 faith-based organizations, churches, believers and activists from 23 nations signed a petition asking US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to remove Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism. Among the signatories of the petition are the Nobel Peace Prize winner Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, the Japanese nun Filo Hirota, members of the World Council of Churches, the Communion of Reformed Churches of Cuba, and Chris Ferguson, reverend of the Reformed University and pastor of the United Church of Canada.

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Cuba thanks Mexico for sending material for the recovery of the electrical system in the West


Cuban authorities thanked Mexico on Monday for sending 113 tons of resources for the recovery of the electrical system in western Cuba. The Minister of Energy and Mines, Liván Arronte Cruz, during the reception at the José Martí International Airport for the last of the 16 flights, with around 13 tons of post-type insulators, recognized the presence of 17 technicians and specialists in generation in Cuba and the strength of bilateral relations.

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Two Venezuelan ships with humanitarian aid set sail for Cuba


Two Venezuelan ships, the Carmita and Karola Sky motorboats, set sail this Sunday from the port of La Guaira with the first shipments of humanitarian aid from that nation to support the recovery in Cuba after the passage of Hurricane Ian. The two ships transport 400,000 food modules, fifty electrical transformers, conducting cables, and more than 22,000 square meters of zinc sheets.The captain of the Carmita, Jorge Coello Valladares, told Granma that the trip to Cuba will last six and a half days.

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Mexican planes arrive in Cuba to contribute to the recovery after the passage of Ian

avion mexico ayuida ciclon Cuba

Two planes from Mexico arrived in Cuba today with electrical equipment destined for the recovery of the Pinar del Río province, which was severely affected by the passage of category 3 Hurricane Ian on the Saffir-Simpson scale. The ambassador of the Aztec nation on the island, Miguel Díaz Reynoso, and local authorities, received the solidarity charge that will contribute to the recovery in the western region.

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Cuban President meets with businessmen and personalities from Italy

canel con italia

With the aim of continuing to strengthen relations between Cuba and Italy, Miguel Díaz-Canel, President of the Republic, met this Wednesday with several businessmen and personalities from that European country. Through the Twitter account of the Presidency, it was indicated that the president thanked the Italian friends for the meeting and listened to proposals and concerns regarding foreign investment.

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Cuba and Vietnam in a position to strengthen ties

cuba vietnam

Cuba and Vietnam have all the factors and conditions to further strengthen their fraternal ties of brotherhood, the island’s ambassador, Orlando Hernández Guillén, affirmed this Saturday in Hanoi. “The spirit of independence, resilience, equitable and mutually beneficial cooperation for the cause of the revolution of each country and as a contribution to peace, stability, cooperation and development, are bases on which to support the strengthening of bilateral ties. “, he pointed.

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Cuba rejects judicial and media harassment of Argentine Vice President Cristina Fernández


The First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez, repudiated, via Twitter, the judicial and media harassment to which Argentine Vice President Cristina is subjected. Fernandez. The Cuban president expressed that “under ruthless media harassment, she is once again facing a politically motivated judicial process. Receive from Cuba all our solidarity, dear Cristina. You will overcome the challenge as you have overcome others before. With truth and reason.”