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Morality as our banner

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Once again, an attempt was made to manipulate the issue of human rights to discredit Cuba, following the same dishonest, 60-year-old prefabricated script. The double standards, political manipulation and selectivity in addressing the issue were deployed unsuccessfully, in an effort to overshadow our achievements before the world. The stage on this occasion was the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Cuba answers slander with more solidarity

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It is unlikely that an island country like the Turks and Caicos, barely visible on a world map, would make headlines in the corporate media. Even less so when the news involves Cuban solidarity, inconvenient for the powers that be, capitalist governments that consider healthcare just another commodity. This tiny archipelago is home to a people who cannot escape the dangers of the pandemic and need help.

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The homeland opens its heart

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The applause, with which Cuban doctors are rewarded every night for their tireless battle against the virus that threatens us today, rang out June 8, two hours earlier, as the 52 members of the Henry Reeve medical brigade, who departed for Lombardy last March 21, set foot on Cuban soil. Their mission would be the first in Europe undertaken by the contingent Fidel founded, allowing Cuba to illuminate the most dreary corners of the world with our health professionals.

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Cuban doctors welcomed for good reason

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In all countries where Cuban doctors are working, may arrive, or will arrive by intergovernmental agreement, the same chorus of intolerant, conservative voices and anonymous “trolls” can be heard, angrily denouncing their presence on social media. The pattern is being repeated in Peru, since the official signing of an agreement to receive Cuban health professionals here. The arguments are the same as those used in other countries: quotes from Oppenheimer, accusations of slavery, questioning of the doctors’ medical qualifications.

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COVID-19: Cuban science continues to launch new lines of research


Yesterday, June 4, President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez held his weekly meeting with scientists and experts directly involved in the COVID-19 battle, at the Revolution Palace, a gathering he described as encouraging. This meeting, he said, shows that Cuban science is efficiently supporting national efforts against the disease and “has not stopped, is not satisfied with results that have proven to be very important, but rather launches new lines of research.

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A low blow to global health

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Trump’s withdrawal of U.S. funding for WHO will impact the organization’s ability to function, since these resources constitute 27% of the budget for polio eradication, and 19% of the total devoted to fighting tuberculosis, HIV, malaria and measles. On May 29, U.S. President Donald Trump broke off relations with the World Health Organization (WHO), questioning the institution’s management of the epidemiological crisis caused by the new coronavirus.

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In Cuba, COVID-19 is everyone’s business

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If one thing has become clear over the 84 days of Cuba’s battle against COVID-19, it has been the need to integrate all efforts to save lives. Today, with Havana as the epicenter, this premise is key and the Cuban government is closely following the situation in the capital, which this Tuesday confirmed nine new cases, for a total of 1,075 since March 11, when the first new coronavirus infection was confirmed.

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Cuba denounces U.S. unilateralism as a threat to human rights around the world

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“Unfortunately, the unilateralism of the United States undermines the promotion and protection of human rights of everyone on the planet,” stated Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla on Tuesday in Geneva. Speaking during the High Level Segment of the 43rd ordinary session of the Human Rights Council, he added that neoliberal policies imposed by the northern nation violate economic, social and cultural rights and prevent other nations from exercising their right to development.

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Trump puts Cuban doctors in firing line as heat turned up on island economy

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A Cuban medical programme that has helped some of the world’s poorest communities has become the latest target of the Trump administration’s escalating attempts to pressure Havana’s faltering economy. Dubbed “Cuban doctors”, the celebrated – if controversial – humanitarian medical mission was founded more than half a century ago in the aftermath of Fidel Castro’s revolution, in part to enhance the country’s international influence.

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There should be no barriers to scientific cooperation between Cuba and the United States

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The blockade of Cuba is anachronistic and must cease, said Dr. Matthew W. Martinez, a renowned U.S. cardiologist participating in the International Cardiology Congress, Cardiovilla 2019, which took place in Cayo Santa María, who added that no there should be no barriers to collaboration between Cuban scientists and those of the United States.