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Cuba-Venezuela Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement

Fidel y Chavez

The Agreement was signed in Caracas on October 30, 2000, by Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro and the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chávez, motivated by the desire to strengthen the traditional ties of friendship between the two countries.

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Brutal blockade against Cuba must end, Venezuela tells UN

bloqueo NO

The brutal U.S. blockade against Cuba must come to an end, Venezuela’s Ambassador to the UN, Rafael Ramírez, stated this Monday, adding that the international community will undoubtedly support this cause yet again this year. Speaking to Prensa Latina regarding the upcoming vote in the UN General Assembly on Cuba’s resolution seeking an end to the blockade, scheduled for October 27, the diplomat noted both his country’s and the world’s condemnation of the economic, commercial and financial sanctions imposed for over half a century on the island.

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Venezuela, largest regional source of tourists to Cuba

turismo venezuela

Venezuela is currently the source of the largest number of tourists to Cuba in the Latin American and Caribbean region, with an increase of close to 60% in 2015, according to Pablo Vázquez, representative of the Cuban Ministry of Tourism (Mintur) for this South American nation, Colombia and Central America. This places the country ninth place in the world in terms of the number of tourists to the island, he noted.

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Venezuela and Colombia to normalize border relations

venezuela colombia  union

The two leaders authorized the immediate return of their respective ambassadors; agreed to an investigation of the situation on the border; will meet with ministers on Wednesday, September 23, to discuss border issues and the progressive normalization of the zone; as well as continue to hold talks facilitated by Ecuador and Uruguay, among other points.

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U.S. not prepared to give up in Latin America

venezuela maduro

The United States knows it has lost ground in Our America and wants it back at any cost, sparking a chain reaction to push progressive governments of the region out of power, those it considers “enemies” that should be overthrown by any means or through “soft, low intensity or violent coups,” it’s all the same.

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The Sandino commitment

fidel y chavez

On August 21, in 2005, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez broadcast number 231 of his television program “Aló Presidente” with Fidel at his side, from the municipality of Sandino, in the Cuban province of Pinar del Río. It was an especially hot day in the Villa Bolívar neighborhood, where 150 dwellings had been erected for families left homeless by hurricanes; the hustle and bustle was unusual. Word traveled fast, yes, Chávez and Fidel were there, speaking to all of Venezuela over the air.

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The world pays tribute to Comandante Hugo Chávez

Chavez trtibuto

This Tuesday, July 28, across several regions of the world the 61st anniversary of the birth of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez was commemorated. In the Cuartel de la Montaña (Mountain Barracks), where the remains of the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution lie, huge numbers of Venezuelans paid tribute to him, according to reports from Prensa Latina.The tribute was led by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, who spoke of the figure and the legacy of Chávez.

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Maduro writes Fidel


From the heart of the people of Bolívar and Chávez, I would like to send you testimony of our respect, admiration and affection, 62 years since the assaults on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Garrisons. On this glorious anniversary, we celebrate your dear presence and the indispensable reference you represent. We celebrate the father and teacher of revolutionary men and women of Our America and the world – the father and teacher of our beloved son, our Eternal Comandante.

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Inclusive Nature of Venezuelan Government Stressed


Venezuela on Sunday provided the world lessons about inclusive government, according to participants in the international congress “Inventing Democracy of the 21st Century: Human Rights, Culture, Living Well.” In the framework of the event, which took place in this capital, the Venezuelan vice president of planning and knowledge, Ricardo Menendez, stated that the debate was very fruitful to continue developing strategies that involve the majorities.

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“We are all Diosdado”


Issued on March 9, President Obama’s Executive Order tagging Venezuela as “an unusual and extraordinary threat to the US national security” and declaring “a national emergency to deal with this threat” caused justified alarm and widespread rejection throughout the Continent and beyond. It was not the first time that Washington used a language as arrogant as it is irrational.