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Cuba’s largest coffee exporter completes first direct commercial operation to European market

cafe recolectoraAfter almost a year of adjustments to gain self-sufficiency in foreign trade operations, the Asdrúbal López Coffee Processing Company, the largest Cuban exporter of the aromatic grain, this month completed its first direct commercial operation, towards the European market.

And so this efficient socialist company was launched in its category as the first exporting pole of Guantánamo – approved in January of this year – which authorizes it to trade with the world directly, a crucial step to assume its promising position within the strategic program of local development, which will boost capacities to increase export lines and poles.

The prestigious industry recognized by its trade name AltoSerra and founded in 1987, in the first half of 2020 concentrated its efforts on certification processes, training and functional adjustments to undertake, independently, export responsibility, complementing the mission of Cubaexport, until now by in front of all your commercial activity.

Likewise, this year about to conclude, the entity laid the foundations for recently also completing, to Europe, its first direct shipment of batches of cocoa beans, another of the lines of the province best located in the international market, and in which The Asdrúbal López Coffee Processor is now entering, in its desire to diversify and conquer new clients for the future.

The details were provided to the Cuban News Agency Osmel de la Cruz, general director of this Guantanamo company, who stressed that, in order to position itself as an export industry in the eastern region, during this time work has been done on the readjustment of procedures and creation of a foreign trade department, with an office and representation in Havana.

AltoSerra, Vanguardia Nacional for almost three decades and one of the most efficient in the business system of the Ministry of Agriculture, closes another year of good results, fulfilling both its commitment to foreign sales and the internal sale of exportable coffee. and that destined for consumption, in the latter case exceeding the levels of the last 11 years.

His tribute currently represents between 50 and 60 percent of the national coffee that is exported today, and in this area he aspires to conquer new markets, beyond his usual clients in Europe, Asia and Oceania, who already attest to excellence. of coffee born in the heart of the mountains of the extreme eastern part of Cuba.

The efficient preparation of washed Arabica coffee that it processes (rest of the grain and the formation of batches of the same region and quality), led to levels of use above 80 percent, which contributed greater added value to the product, said the maximum representative of this entity with headquarters in the extreme south of the city of Guantánamo.

This industry employs more than 400 workers in seven units distributed in four Guantanamo municipalities -he explained-, and among its suppliers are all the coffee companies in the provinces of Guantánamo and Holguín, with plantations about 500 and 700 meters above the level. from the sea, altitudes with favorable climates and soils for this crop.

Today the certification procedures, of the denomination of origin of its high quality product, recognize not only its coffee growing niches in the Nipe-Sagua-Baracoa Massif (with more than 200 years of tradition in the cultivation and benefit of the drupa), rather, they include other endorsements of award-winning requirements in the international market, such as harvesting in harmony with the environment.

For a second stage within its development strategy as an export pole, the technological improvements will remain, and take until the roasting -with roasting, grinding and packaging- the processing of its star item, until now commercialized in grain, which will convert the company in exporter not only of raw materials, but also of finished products.

(Source: ACN)

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