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Cubans to sign petition demanding an end to brutal U.S. aggression against Venezuela

cuba veneBeginning today, through September 13, signatures will be collected in workplaces and schools in Havana, Artemisa, Mayabeque, Matanzas and Pinar del Río, in solidarity with Venezuela, the Chavista Bolivarian Revolution, the civic-military union of the country’s people, and their legitimate president Nicolás Maduro Moros.

“Cuban workers in these provinces, representing the entire country, will sign to reaffirm our support for the Venezuelan government and people, in the face of aggression from the United States,” said Consuelo Baeza Martín, a member of the Federation of Cuban Workers (CTC) Secretariat, speaking with Granma.”At workplaces and schools, we will reiterate once again our solidarity and our support for this sister country,” she added. The effort was undertaken to add Cuba´s voice to a letter sent by the Venezuelan people to Secretary General of the United Nations António Guterres, requesting that he enforce international law and demand and end of U.S. aggression.Beginning last August 10, to date, more than ten million Venezuelans have signed the letter rejecting U.S. interference and the unilateral actions of President Donald Trump. The activities have generated support within the international community.


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