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U.S. lies and threats against Cuba denounced around the world

cartel HBVoices around the world continue to condemn new U.S. sanctions on Cuba, in particular the recent activation of the Helms-Burton Act’s Title III.
The government of Mexico reiterated its rejection of the re-activation of this stipulation in violation of international law, and reaffirmed its commitment to legally protect Mexican companies that may be affected. In an official communiqué, the Ministry of Economy recalled that, in order to counteract the extraterritorial effects of the Helms-Burton, Mexico enacted a law that specifically protects commerce and investment from foreign regulations that contravene international norms, in effect since October 1996.
“Like other countries, Mexico has analyzed the relevant legal procedures to file complaints for violations of international law that the Helms-Burton Act represents,” the Mexican government states.
The Islamic Republic of Iran also confirmed its support for the Cuba. “Washington demonstrated, once again, that it resorts to illegitimate mechanisms to pressure independent countries,” Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Seyed Abas Musavi said.
According to Prensa Latina, a professor at the Chinese University of Political Science and Law, Pan Deng, commented that the Trump administration is attempting to pressure Cuba and affecting the entire international community.
Deng said that Title III is a throwback to the colonial era that violates the principles of the world trade, creating barriers to the exchange of goods and services between different states.
The “Friends of Cuba” organization in Belgium adopted a resolution calling on the European Union and its member states to use all possible means to protect companies and citizens from the consequences of legal suits in U.S. courts, filed on the basis of Title III.
Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, yesterday once again tweeted his appreciation for “the widespread international rejection of the Helms-Burton Act by governments, companies, and individuals.”
As our President Miguel Diaz-Canel affirmed: “The U.S. government’s threats, sanctions, measures, falsehoods, and lies against Cuba have found no support among political, academic, cultural, business, or religious sectors, inside or outside U.S. territory.”

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