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Title III and the bitter drink of Bacardi


Don Facundo Bacardi’s heirs crashed drinks on April 17, when both John Bolton and Michael Pompeo announced the full activation of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act. It was the longed-for completion of their most perverse project against Cuba, to which they dedicated plenty of resources and lawyers.

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Trump knows about war, but nothing about solidarity

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President Donald Trump shows no signs of ending his unfounded accusations of Cuba. In a June 20 interview on Telemundo – his first on Spanish language television – he stated, “Do you see what is happening in Venezuela? It’s awful. And do you know who is primarily responsible for the problem? Cuba. They have 25,000 soldiers there.

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To confront the Helms-Burton Act everyone must do their part

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The best response to the Helms-Burton is for everyone to do their part, stated
Esteban Lazo Hernández, president of the National Assembly of People’s Power, to conclude debate on the new draft Electoral Law among deputies from the provinces of La Habana, Mayabeque and Matanzas, as well as the Isle of Youth special municipality.


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U.S. lies and threats against Cuba denounced around the world

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Voices around the world continue to condemn new U.S. sanctions on Cuba, in particular the recent activation of the Helms-Burton Act’s Title III.

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Cubans have confidence in the power of the truth, of law and justice

Bruno Conf Prensa

During a press conference today, Cuba’s Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, denounced the U.S. State Department, which, he noted, “is busy in dozens of capitals around the world mobilizing efforts to economically attack Cuba”.