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Trump knows about war, but nothing about solidarity

Cuba medicosPresident Donald Trump shows no signs of ending his unfounded accusations of Cuba. In a June 20 interview on Telemundo – his first on Spanish language television – he stated, “Do you see what is happening in Venezuela? It’s awful. And do you know who is primarily responsible for the problem? Cuba. They have 25,000 soldiers there.”If that weren´t enough, he also said that he would “fix the situation in Cuba,” and that his policy of tightening the blockade, and adopting new measures to reverse the progress made in bilateral relations during the Obama administration, would “accelerate the transition towards democracy on the Communist island.”
He reiterated that Cuba is responsible for prolonging the crisis in Venezuela, with its military support to the government of Nicolás Maduro, although he admitted that Juan Guaidó has not been able to “displace” the Venezuelan leader since this is “a process” that takes time.

The U.S. President is definitely obsessed with Cuba and Venezuela, leading him to be irrational, compulsive, monothematic, and rude, repeating absurd arguments that are not believed even in his own country.
Cuba has exposed these and many other slanders invented in Washington, with reason and truth on our side. The only troops we have in Venezuela are the Cuban doctors in our army of white coats, helping to save millions lives there, as do thousands of others in many parts of the world. Our teachers and professors are also working in the Bolivarian nation, serving as coordinators and advisors to missions that have raised the quality of education in that country and taken it to the most remote places. There are art instructors who rescue and reinforce national and Latin American identity, and athletes who work in the recruitment and training of talented young Venezuelans, to represent the country in international competitions.

Trump’s aberrations, like as those of his advisor John Bolton – another pathological liar – unwittingly show who is really responsible for the situation in Venezuela: the same people desperately attempting to economically asphyxiate the Cuban people, to subjugate us with hunger and diseases, discredit the will and love that our collaborators spread, and debase the very essence of solidarity.

- Cuba has 48,000 health professionals cooperating in 66 nations of the South, more than all rich countries together. Only in Venezuela, Cuban cooperation has helped save 1.5 million lives, in 12 years.

- The Henry Reeve Medical Brigade, specialized in natural disasters and severe epidemics, was recognized in 2017 by the World Health Organization, for serving more than 3,500,000 people in 21 countries.

- More than 4,000,000 individuals with limited resources, from 34 countries, have been provided eye surgery free of charge, through Operation Milagro.


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