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Thank you, to the Cuban people, for never surrendering

Cuba puebloYesterday, for the consecutive 27th time, the UN General Assembly overwhelmingly supported Cuba’s resolution demanding an end to the U.S. blockade, 189 in favor, with two against, no abstentions. Granma publishes a 1994 statement by Fidel on the occasion:

The United State’ blockade is the most tenacious, ongoing persecution of all Cuban economic activity, in any part of the world; it is the universal war, with immense power in its favor, against the economy of our country, to the extreme of affecting individual transactions, even between persons, with individuals who attempt to conduct any economic activity whatsoever with our country.

It is unacceptable that the end of the blockade occur only in exchange for political concessions that contravene the sovereignty of our country. It is absolutely unacceptable, outrageous, irritating, and really we would prefer to perish rather that renounce our sovereignty

That is why this hostile policy did not prevent the Revolution from making the Cuban people the proprietor of its own country, and standing on the ruins of the pro-Yankee dictatorship we continue on this long, steep path.

Thanks to the noble, self-sacrificing people, to its laborers, manual and intellectual workers, its farmers and students, men and women, children, the elderly, and citizens of all ages, literate and illiterate, Cuba became proprietor of its own destiny, for the first time.

We will struggle for the day the blockade ends. Your confidence will not be betrayed; your affection and encouragement will not be useless. The seed you plant in our hearts will never be lost.

The criminal blockade, which they promise will be tightened, multiplies the honor and glory of our people, against whom their genocidal plans will fail.

Let us proclaim to the world with pride this record, which makes us worthy of the most just of all demands: that our homeland’s right to life and healthy happiness be respected. We will struggle to the death for this right.


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