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The power of Fidel’s counter-offensive

Fidel palabras intelec

Om n Cuba in the summer of 1994, Cuba’s economic panorama was dire, following the disappearance of trade with the Soviet Union, which eliminated the source of more than 70% of the country’s foreign currency income: power outages lasted more than 12 hours, a dwindling food supply turned a phrase from a popular soap opera, “Hey girl, say hello to your boyfriend,” into a synonym for rice and beans, the most frequently available dish, along with other Creole inventions such as soy meat and goose paste, while access to the few cafes that sold hamburgers was organized by neighborhood Committees for the Defense of the Revolution.

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This people will never lack patriotic virtues

canel y fidel

This is what Fidel said in 1992, on the occasion of the 39th anniversary of the September 5th uprising against the Batista dictatorship: “Difficult times are difficult times. In difficult times the number of those who waver increases; in difficult times – and this is a law of history – there are those who become confused, there are those who become discouraged, there are those who are intimidated, there are those who become soft, there are those who betray, there are those who desert. This happens in all times and in all revolutions.

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Words to intellectuals, 60 years later

Fidel palabras intelec

The passage of time requires new readings of Fidel’s “Words to Intellectuals.”e than a few members of younger generations are not familiar with this memorable speech by the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, delivered on June 30, 1961 at the National Library, or the circumstances in which it was presented, after many hours of conversation between the country’s leadership and representatives of Cuba’s artistic and intellectual vanguard, on the 16th and the 23rd.

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Fidel is the compass

Fidel biblioteca nacional

On June 30, 1961, the last day of a series of meetings with Cuban artists and intellectuals, Fidel delivered a speech that would become a cornerstone of revolutionary cultural policy. José Martí National Library Assembly Hall, June 16, 1961. A large group of writers and artists responded to a call from the leadership of the revolutionary government to present their opinions, air concerns, clarify questions, resolve problems and address issues related to literary artistic creation and its promotion. This was the first of three meetings; the last would take place in the venue itself on June 30.

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April brings another victory

Fidel Giron

During these days, when the Bay of Pigs and the 60th anniversary of Fidel’s proclamation of the socialist character of the Cuban Revolution, cannot be forgotten, April brings another victory. Just when some might think that, exhausted by brutal U.S. attacks, Cuba would lose strength, here is our vanguard fighting with bare fists to make this extraordinary island a more prosperous, contented country.

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Continuity takes root in Party cadres

Fidel Diaz-Canel

The emancipatory work of the Cuban Revolution, in its many stages, has always been able to count on youth to sustain and continue the effort, attuned to each historical period, but never departing one iota from the essence, our genuine, unwavering principles.

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The other victory

Fidel artistas

Fidel’s “Words to the intellectuals” in 1961 forged consensus among the country’s artists and intellectuals, another great victory against internal enemies, sectarianism, intolerance and dogmatism. I admire the consistency between Fidel’s words, his actions and the subsequent work of the Revolution – the possibilities Cuba has created for the development of artists and intellectuals.

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Almeida’s voice resounds loud and clear

Fidel y Almeida

“No one here is surrendering!” was born of emotion and courage, and of the values sowed by Almeida and the generation of Martí’s Centenary and the Granma crossing, led by Fidel, who took on the responsibility of transmitting them to those who came later. The voice of Juan Almeida Bosque rang out in Alegría de Pío: “No one here is surrendering…!”, he shouted to the enemy.

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The caravan is a symbol of Cuba’s conquest of freedom

fidel habana

This January 8, the Cuban people will again experience the euphoria, genuine gratitude and love for those who, with Fidel as the undisputed leader of the Revolution in the lead, reaffirmed the promise of a free Homeland and travelled across the island proclaiming hope for a more just Cuba in 1959. Today Fidel enters Havana in a caravan of young people who revere the history of a consummated victory. Yesterday, the town of Madruga, in the province of Mayabeque.

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Creating culture for socialism

fidel y raul

During the month of April, this new year, the Eighth Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba will take place, where among other central questions to be analyzed is the functioning of the Party, its ties with the masses, ideological-political activity, and cadre policy, at a moment considered opportune for the updating of our strategy of resistance and development. Imagining this Congress in the light of the socio-political context of current Cuban society, brings to mind several very timely questions that I would like to submit to the consideration of readers in this article.