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Almeida’s voice resounds loud and clear

Fidel y Almeida

“No one here is surrendering!” was born of emotion and courage, and of the values sowed by Almeida and the generation of Martí’s Centenary and the Granma crossing, led by Fidel, who took on the responsibility of transmitting them to those who came later. The voice of Juan Almeida Bosque rang out in Alegría de Pío: “No one here is surrendering…!”, he shouted to the enemy.

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The caravan is a symbol of Cuba’s conquest of freedom

fidel habana

This January 8, the Cuban people will again experience the euphoria, genuine gratitude and love for those who, with Fidel as the undisputed leader of the Revolution in the lead, reaffirmed the promise of a free Homeland and travelled across the island proclaiming hope for a more just Cuba in 1959. Today Fidel enters Havana in a caravan of young people who revere the history of a consummated victory. Yesterday, the town of Madruga, in the province of Mayabeque.

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Creating culture for socialism

fidel y raul

During the month of April, this new year, the Eighth Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba will take place, where among other central questions to be analyzed is the functioning of the Party, its ties with the masses, ideological-political activity, and cadre policy, at a moment considered opportune for the updating of our strategy of resistance and development. Imagining this Congress in the light of the socio-political context of current Cuban society, brings to mind several very timely questions that I would like to submit to the consideration of readers in this article.

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Achiever of the impossible


During this very tense, difficult year, in which we were obliged to confront COVID-19, as well as an unprecedented imperial offensive, Fidel has been at our side. Cuba’s response to the pandemic, here and in other countries around the world, has been admirable. As Díaz-Canel has reiterated, Fidel’s strategic thinking in the field of medicine and science, his extreme sensitivity to the most vulnerable and his deep conviction that nothing is worth more than the life of a human being, carried decisive weight in this victory.

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The freedom conquered in 1959 continues to illuminate the country

Vacuna Soberana

Fidel continues to command his rebel armies in a Freedom Caravan that has traveled across Cuba every January since 1959, making clear that the memory of that transcendental event in the country’s history continues to inspire new victories in the many battles Cubans face. The new “Caravanistas” from Santiago de Cuba initiated their journey, that will culminate on January 8, in Havana, from the city’s Avenida de los Libertadores, alongside the former Moncada Garrison, which became the July 26 Educational Center following the triumph of the Revolution.

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The Granma, breaking through the fog

cartel granma

Neither the bad weather, the rough seas, or the overloading of a yacht in no way suited to make the crossing from Mexico to Cuba, could daunt the 82 expeditionaries committed to being “free or martyrs,” as the Granma broke through the fog, in the words of poet Luis Rogelio Nogueras. December 2, 1956, at a point on the southern coast of eastern Cuba known as Los Cayuelos, the men under Fidel’s leadership disembarked, intent upon honoring the blood spilled in the name of independence before them.

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Maradona never betrayed the people

Maradona Fidel

No one carried the ball closer to his feet, as if by hand; no one was so transparent and, at the same time, so sensitive, on the field and off; no one ran, in barely ten seconds, almost 60 meters with the ball “tied” to his cleats, to let it fly for a goal that shook the world, in 1986. On the world’s soccer fields, where he was recognized for his ability, but rejected for his ideas, no one was as misunderstood. His rebelliousness, and later his drug addictions were the pretexts used by the suits to censure him

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The world recalls Fidel

legado fidel

Leaders, figures and organizations worldwide recalled the legacy of the Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz, on the fourth anniversary of his physical disappearance, November 25. Cuba’s President of the Republic Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez paid tribute to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution on his Twitter, writing: “Fidel: How do I greet you? Every day we strive to follow in your footsteps”.

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Humanism, anti-imperialism and anti-neoliberalism: Youth taking Fidel’s path


The legacy of the humanist, anti-imperialist and anti-neoliberal ideas of Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz, will be present today, and tomorrow November 26, during the International Online Youth Forum “Banner Ideas.”

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Fidel: A necessary presence


On the fourth anniversary of the Comandante en jefe’s physical disappearance, November 25, his work, example, and words as alive as ever, “We have shown that human beings can and must be better. We demonstrate the value of conscience and ethics. We offer lives.”