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This people will never lack patriotic virtues

canel y fidelFidel lived, thought and worked for his times and for those to come. This is why the Revolution is a legacy we are obliged to give continuity. Nothing was ever easy for the Revolution, not at the time of its forging, nor at times of keeping it afloat, and this is why it has been a crucible of brave men and women, made for difficult times.

This is what Fidel said in 1992, on the occasion of the 39th anniversary of the September 5th uprising against the Batista dictatorship:
“Difficult times are difficult times. In difficult times the number of those who waver increases; in difficult times – and this is a law of history – there are those who become confused, there are those who become discouraged, there are those who are intimidated, there are those who become soft, there are those who betray, there are those who desert. This happens in all times and in all revolutions.

“But it is also in difficult times that men and women are really tested; it is in difficult times that those who are worth something are really tested.

“Difficult times are the best measure of all, of the character of each individual, of the courage and valor of each individual, of the consciousness of each individual, of the virtues of each individual and, above all, of the virtues of a people; and this people never lacked patriotic or revolutionary virtues, nor will they ever be lacking in this people.

“Revolutionaries, however, must be very conscious of the problems, of the difficulties.
“There are people who are not conscious, there are people who do not understand; there are people who will never understand. There are people who do not understand what the homeland is or what independence is; there are people who do not understand what history is, what the roots of a people are; there are people who do not understand what patriotic and revolutionary dignity means; there are people who do not understand political processes or what the objective problems are.

“There are those who do not understand and we must struggle against these people; they can confuse some, it is always a struggle.”
Party First Secretary and President of the Republic Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez recently quoted an excerpt of this categorical speech, and reaffirmed the intransigence of Cubans in the defense of their Revolution, stating, “Our people are worth something; our people are worth a great deal and will act accordingly – fearlessly, with courage and valor. This is a people that will never lack patriotic virtues.”

(Taken from Granma)

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