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Benedetti, compañero and friend

Fidel Bennedetti

No, one, except perhaps a few infected with the virus of envy and mediocrity, question the poetic stature, the narrative depth (La tregua, Montevideanos and Gracias por el fuego, among other titles) or the brilliance of the essays of Mario Benedetti, the writer from Uruguay, or better, Our America, whose life we celebrated September 14.

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Speech delivered by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz at the great popular rally staged by the people of Cuba al the Civic Square

Fidel CDR

Speech delivered by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz at the great popular rally staged by the people of Cuba al the Civic Square of the Republic.

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Speech delivered by commander in chief Fidel Castro Ruz at the great popular rally staged by the people of Cuba at the Civic Square of the Republic on 2 september 1960


It is obvious that each of you, from where you are sitting, is completely unable to see the vast size of the crowd which has gathered this afternoon. It is a true sea of humanity which stretches into the distance on both sides of the Civic Square, said Fidel.

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Soberana is Cuba’s, the first candidate vaccine against COVID-19 in Latin America and the Caribbean

Covid vacuna cartel

A vaccine that exemplifies the development of Cuban science; that places us on the level of economically advanced countries; that honors Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz, the principal architect of the country’s biotechnology sector. This is what Soberana is, the first Cuban candidate vaccine against COVID-19 authorized for testing in clinical trials.

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Fidel: another battle, another victory


On the 94 anniversary of his birth, Fidel’s contribution to science and life is as relevant today as ever, and will be into the futureHe taught us to wage battles and emerge victorious. Ever the great strategist, he foresaw all the variables that could appear. He prepared the forces, conceived possible scenarios, studied the enemy and was always present on the front lines with his troops.

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The pride of Cubans

Fidel pintura

The greater the brilliance of his actions for the good of all, deeper is the hate of our enemies, who hope to discredit the motivation behind his efforts. I am proud to be Cuban for many reasons. One of these is to have been a contemporary of Fidel, which has allowed me to understand the origin of all the slander that our adversaries attempt to use.

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Thank you, Fidel, for being, above all, human

Fide niña africa

Over the years, many have wondered about the source of the leader of the Cuban Revolution’s inexhaustible energy. How was this exceptional man able to function without rest, with his thoughts perennially directed toward the wellbeing of his people, toward the possibility of a better world with a place for everyone, with rights and opportunities for all?

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The celebrated “like” in defining times

cartel cultura cuba miami

There was a time when leaving or staying in Cuba was considered a political decision. Going to Miami, or ending up there, instead of some other city in another country, was something that in many minds acquired importance. But it was practically impossible for a Cuban artist to continue his career in Miami without paying political tribute to the anti-Fidel.

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Thirty years ago, the São Paulo Forum gave the left heart


Thirty years ago, on the initiative of Fidel Castro, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and the Brazilian Workers’ Party, in an adverse context for the left around the world, when many believed that socialism was a dead-end and neoliberalism was advancing, the Encounter of Latin America and the Caribbean Political Parties and Movements, renamed the São Paulo Forum a year later, was held in São Paulo, July 2-4, 1990.

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Statement by Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz, President of the Republic of Cuba, upon decorating Juan Miguel González with the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Order

Fidel y eLIAN

Five days earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had received his letter from November 27 requesting that it undertake the necessary procedures before the U.S. authorities for the return of his son Elián, a survivor of the wreckage of a makeshift boat that had illegally left from Cuba. The following day, the boy’s maternal grandmother made the same request in another letter.