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Security, the key to tourist development in Cuba

cuba-turismoTour operators, travel agencies, directors of airlines, journalists and representatives of the world’s top hotel chains, attending the International Tourism Fair (FITCuba 2018) – taking place in Cayo Santa María, highlighted the quality of Cuba’s leisure products and potential as a tourist destination.

Nigel Baker, head of the South America Department of the British Foreign Office, guest country of honor at this year’s event, noted that Cuba’s natural charms and security make it a fantastic tourist destination, and have contributed to a rise in the number of visitors to the island nation.

He also noted that UK residents come to Cuba to enjoy its beaches and well-preserved natural environment, as well as to partake in eco-tourism, bird watching, and experience the island’s culture and food, among other attractions.

In this sense, Baker highlighted the over 205,000 Brits who visited the island last year, with the UK representing the emissary market with the fourth largest growth in visitor arrivals to the island in 2017.

Other attendees at the Fair such as Serafín Han, V-Best Travel representative in Cuba, a company which promotes the island among Chinese and Canadian travelers, stated that visitors to Cuba encounter a safe environment, a welcoming and educated population, and beautiful landscapes.

He noted that government policies to promote excursions, cruise ship tourism, develop nautical options and nature tourism, among other offers, could see Cuba become one of the most important tourist destinations in the world.
Meanwhile, polish journalist Michat Domanski, director of the magazine All Inclusive, noted that there are few countries in the world that combine natural charms, history, the intelligence of its people and security like Cuba; especially amidst such a tumultuous international situation.


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