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Mexicans Will Exhibit Cuban Work on Perez Prado

1Casa-de-la-Memoria-EscnicThe Mexican Independent Company ”Conjuro Teatro” will premiere at the City Theater ”Yo soy el rey del mambo,” by Cuban playwright Ulises Rodriguez, the House of Scenic Memory (CME) confirmed here today.

Directed by Dana Stella Aguilar, the group will perform on April 13, 14 and 15 in the aforementioned hall, in the Mexican capital, with a stage performance that pays homage to Damaso Perez Prado.

The piece was debuted by that group on December 8, 9 and 10, 2017, in the western town of Matanzas, the hometown of the arranger, composer and orchestra conductor, during the celebration of the international colloquium for its centenary.

On that occasion, the visiting theater players subsequently made a successful tour that included the cities of Cienfuegos (center / south), Sancti Spiritus (center) and Havana, reviewed by the Cuban critics.

This month’s performance features a Mexican cast led by Gerardo Trejoluna and live music from the Matanzas brass quintet Atenas Brass Ensemble, led by Rodolfo Jorge Horta, with musical direction by Emiliano Gonzalez de León.

Other actors that will intervene are Hector Hugo Peña, Ernesto Alvarez, Luz Marina Arcos, Julio Olivares, Fabiana Perzabal and Omar Godinez, the CME added.

In the production team, Israel Rodriguez as a designer and the choreographer Luis Villanueva will participate; in the audiovisual creation will work Alan Kerriu, as an advisor of songs and rhythms will be Juan Cisneros and Vivian Martinez Tabares will be the theatrical advisor.

The binational project of ‘Conjuro Teatro’ and CME received the 2017 Efiteatro grant from the Ministry of Culture of Mexico and has several auspices, including Covamex Cuban National Council, Provincial Council of Performing Arts and the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba.

In Mexico ‘Yo soy el rey del mambo’ will be presented in other spaces and institutions, such as the Julio Castillo Theater, the Metropolitan Autonomous University, the National Polytechnic Institute, and the city of Aguascaliente, during April and May.

(Prensa Latina)

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