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Casa de las Américas presents a program of activities for the centenary of the birth of Haydee Santamaría

Haydee-Santamaria-1020x642-580x365 (1)

Next December 30 will be the 100th anniversary of the birth of Haydee Santamaría at the Constancia sugar mill, in the former province of Las Villas. On the occasion of its centenary, Casa de las Américas has prepared a special program made up of exhibitions, book presentations, concerts, and a special presentation by the National

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Flutist Anabel Perdomo will honor Tosco in a concert at Bellas Artes


Next Saturday, September 24, a concert will take place in the Theater Hall of the National Museum of Fine Arts, starring the flutist Anabel Perdomo, in homage to José Luis Cortés (El Tosco), who died on April 18. The artist will interpret works belonging to the repertoire of the outstanding musician, who was her teacher at the Camerata de Flutes. The ears of the audience will be filled with songs such as “Alejandría”, “Ave María” and “Un Bolero”, the latter with the special accompaniment of flutist Lázaro Cortés, son of the honoree.

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Latin Recording Academy Announces 2022 Latin Grammy Awards Nominees


The Latin Recording Academy announced this Wednesday the nominees for the 23rd annual Latin Grammy Awards. Nominees were selected from more than 18,000 entries in 53 categories. The album “Ancestro Sinfónico”, by the Cubans X Alfonso, Eme Alfonso and the Síntesis group, is part of this list of candidates for the Latin Recording Academy awards, in its 2022 edition. The disc competes for the gramophone in the section of Best folk album, which includes productions signed by Paulina Aguirre, Eva Ayllón, Pedro Aznar, Susana Baca, Natalia Lafourcade and Sandra Mihanovich.

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Cuban loves of Agustín Lara


The year is 1932 and Agustín Lara begins a frantic race towards fame. He makes his first international tour on that date. In Paris he snatches the French and one of his compositions, Farolito, becomes a fashionable tune there. It is around that time that he makes his first trip to the Cuban capital, in the company of Pedro Vargas and Ana María Fernández. He returns in May 1939 and then makes a profession of love for Cuba. He declares: “I was returning from France… Havana opened its arms to me… and I was not ungrateful.

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Los Van Van and Martí: A great delight

Van Van discvo

In 2014, the José Martí Cultural Society and Egrem studios released a CD/DVD that, with full intentionality and exquisite musical work, would mark a new direction in terms of the re-contextualization, today, of Martí’s thought. With the ideas, coordination and musical concept of Israel Rojas, the new project’s premise was to provide an approach to Martí, not only through musicalization per se, but based on a thematic thread

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Alexander Abreu: Good music for his people

alexander abreu musico

The popular singer, trumpet player and composer, leader of the group Havana D’Primera, offers a tribute to Cuban music of the 1980s and 90s. A tribute to artists and Cuban music of the 1980s and 90s, is what the popular Cuban singer, trumpet player and composer Alexander Abreu, leader of the group Havana D’Primera, offers in his most recent production. Será que se acabó should be released before the end of 2020.

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Cuban music and musicians shine in Latin Grammys

Changui guantanamero

Cuban music and musicians garnered most of the nominations in the 2020 Latin Grammy’s Best Traditional Tropical Album category, announced September 29. Of the five phonograms competing, three feature groups from the island and two are from Cuba’s Egrem studios, but all are connected to the cultural resources that have made Cuba one of the most fertile territories in the continent’s musical tradition. ‘Este es nuestro changüí,’ recorded at Egrem’s Siboney Studios in Santiago de Cuba, founded 40 years ago.

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Racism in Cuban music?

chucho valdes

The history of music in Cuba has been profoundly marked by mestizaje since the nationality’s very conception, in close communion with the war against Spanish colonialism. The birth of nationalist, pro-independence sentiment was anti-colonialist, and anti-racist by implication and in principle. Is it possible to label as racist a Revolution that had as its political foundation the abolition of slavery?

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Playing every day is fundamental


The mandatory closure of theaters and recreational venues as a result of the COVID-19 health emergency, has led artists in all corners of the planet to find other stages where they can share their art, not only as encouragement to rise above the sadness that prevails these days, but also to keep their work alive. In this way, Multi-award winning Cuban violinist William Roblejo has used so-called “challenges”

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Cuba musicians offer concerts online, on radio and television

Conciertos on line

With the performance of Cuban singer-songwriter Eduardo Sosa, the joint transmission of online concerts #EstamosContigo#MusicosPorCuba began March 25, an initiative in which several cultural institutions of the country are participating, to support stay-at-home efforts to stem the spread of the new coronavirus SARS CoV-2. The Ministry’s digital platforms, based in Havana, are linked with Santiago de Cuba, to broadcast encouraging messages from musicians in the eastern part of the country, as well.